Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm going backwards...

the OTHER way
mutatis mutandis
vise versa

and this brings me to announce my first triathlon of 2011

yes, you read that correctly, a reverse triathlon. An outside run of 3.1 miles followed by an outside bike leg of 11 miles finishing up with a quick 150 yard serpentine (indoor) pool swim.
April in Maine. 
It should be a very interesting race! We could have snow--thus, my mountain bike will be making it's first appearance at a triathlon. We could have rain. It could be 7* or it could be 70*. Who knows!?!?
That is one thing about weather in Maine, it changes frequently and the season or month has little to do with it. There is actually an old Maine/New England saying "it you don't like the weather just wait a minute"

from the website:

The Top 10 Reasons to do The Nor'Easter Reverse Triathlon

10. A chance to get in on the ground floor of reverse triathlon in Maine

9. Bragging Rights...a triathlon in April...in Maine.

8. Everyone gets a proper warm-up for the swim.

7. Get that pesky run out of the way first.

6. A guaranteed PR. (it is a new race)

5. A snake swim...with no snakes!

4. Transition is inside the gymnasium.

3. End your cabin fever earlier in 2011.

2. Top Quality USAT Sanctioned Race

1. Cycling in DRY shorts!

I am really excited to be participating in this one and I think it is a good way to kick off the 2011 season. I even have a little challenge going with the race director (but more about THAT another time).  If you know me, really know me, then you know when presented with a challenge I will do WHATEVER it takes to take it on and come out on top!

I have also teamed up with Kennebunk Beach Triathlon Club this year and I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a super summer! I am finding I love training with others.
I am even considering...
wait for it....
JOINING in on the team's Master Swim!!
How's THAT for liking the pool more and more?

I did test out my knee today. After a solid 11 miles on the bike early this morning I was feeling confidant. When I got to the gym mid-morning, I tried "running" on the elliptical. I banged out a pain free mile in about 8 minutes. Feeling good, I hopped on the treaddy and with a hope and a prayer, hit QUICK START and cranked her up to 4.8. That felt so awkwardly slow for me and my gait was off so I slowly increased to 5.5 and felt good...then I hit 6.0 and sustained this comfortably for a few minutes. Then TWING. A bit of pain so I stopped immediately.
Looks like I am going to give this some more time to rest.
I did talk to one of the PT's I know and she says everything does seem to be pointing to PFPS and to keep resting it. She also suggested starting taking some ibuprofen to help with inflammation. So I am going to try that an swim, bike, lift and enjoy myself.

And in the meantime, focus on WINNING my challenge with Mr. Race Director--let's call it my pre-Nor'Easter challenge!!

If you are a local New Englander that reads this blog I am asking YOU to join me for this fun, fun race-and remember, it is a guaranteed PR!!
Please let me know if you want more info about the Nor'Easter.


A Prelude To... said...

that race sounds like a lot of fun! I've never hear of a reverse tri. I think you should turn it into a quadruplathon and plop your butt in a hottub when you're done :-)

Sarah said...

wooo hoooo sounds like a blast jenn!!!

Teamarcia said...

Sounds very fun, especially the no snakes part.:0

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want to do this, maybe one year I will or try to get my race org to consider it

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Goodluck! Being from NM where there is a lack of open water our challenge series consists of mostly reverse tris. I personally love these because running is my weakest link. Most people just forget how to breathe on the swim portion so just practice that!

Lucy said...

That is beyond cool and sounds like a blast!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

woah never heard of this. Me likey! someday. Must do the non-reverse one first =)

Aimee said...

That tri should be a lot of fun! WE have one here called My Way or the Tri Way. You get to choose which order you want to do the 3 events...it's awesome!

Beal88 said...

Sweet race. Good luck with your preparation!

Kate said...

Jen this sounds like such a FUN race! I'm not TRI ready yet but, maybe next year!!

Emz said...

Sounds amazing. You'll rock it JL!

Jen Feeny said...

That sounds really fun actually and if April is crazy weather wise at least they give time for the day to warm up!!!