Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Sick, Getting Snow & Getting "Stoned"

Getting Sick!
Uggggh. The sick bug has hit me and hit me hard. Hubby brought home this pesky little virus and it started to shut him down on Sunday. Now, the little buggers have invaded my body and have me feeling pretty ick. uck. yuck. It started creeping on Tuesday night and by yesterday I was sporting a full blown illness. Combine that with a severe lack of sleep on Tuesday night (can you say snoring thanks to hubby??) and the complete inability to get any rest on Wednesday and well...not a good combo. I wasn't the happiest gal to be around.

Bum knee, stuffed up head, congested chest. Yup, doing great for my base building period huh??

Getting Snow!
Mother Nature dumped an amazing amount of snow on the Northeast US Wednesday--parts of Massachusetts are reporting upwards of 20 inches. I'd guess to say we got a good 16" here.

The Obligatory First Taste of snow...she asked for ice cream when we got in from playing

Snow Angel!
Up and down the street we went!
Luckily, Lola is not sick and she really wanted to get out and play today so we spent the morning outside-visiting the neighbors, throwing snowballs, making snow angels and then I pulled her up and down the street in her little sled. The fresh air felt good and I could feel an "itch" to run!

The neighbor's stunning Snowman

Look how high the snow banks are! Look how Lola CAN'T look!
Between the blizzard yesterday and being sick, I did not work out at all on Wednesday. I did not workout this morning (but the day is not done). I did spend the day cleaning house, doing laundry and getting some reading done when I could.

Getting Stoned??
What am I reading you ask??

I borrowed The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Joe Friel and Loren Cordain from my buddy, Dawn.
Paleo=Stone Age=Stoned. Get it?? Yeah, I know. Super funny.
I am only about 30 pages into it so I really don't have my opinion formed on this book as of yet. I will say that I am normally not a big fan of any eating plan that eliminates entire food groups. On the other hand, some of the info I am reading makes some sense and I AM a big advocate for quality carbs and eating clean foods. I also happen to be such a Joe Friel groupie supporter that if he told me to run 6x800's with angel wings tied to my back & it would make me faster, I would certainly try it.
I have been reading a bit about Paleo here and there since another friend of mine jumped into the lifestyle 100%-she is an avid Crossfitter and she is in amazing shape! I have also been reading some great Paleo blogs and really love the recipes on Everyday Paleo.

So, I am keeping an open mind about it and will form an opinion once I have read the entire book. Even if I end up it total disagreement with the basis of the book, I will just chalk it up to LEARNING. I always enjoy reading and studying anything relevant in health, fitness and sport.
From talking with Dawn, it is not as limited as most Paleo based eating plans we have heard or read about and she is feeling good following Paleo for the Athlete. I also got an E-book called "Paleo for the 21st Century" which gives some modern day alternatives to eating Paleo.

**I would like to hear from you**
  • Do you follow a Paleo based lifestyle or eating?
  • Have you been successful with your athletic goals following Paleo?
  • Do you totally disagree with anything Paleo related?
  • Did you attempt a Paleo plan only to fail?


A Prelude To... said...

What a cute snow baby you have! She's so pretty with pink cheeks!
The neighbors snowman is AWESOME! Mine never turn out that good. We always have a hobo snowman.

I think paleo is awesome...I just can't stick to it :-(
I love grains too much.

Melissa Cunningham said...

hoping you feel better real soon!my middle baby is starting to get that same crud i think! (man i hope not though!)
will check into the paleo stuff!
love the pics btw!

sending feel better vibes your way!


You know, on the snoring front, buy some ear plugs. I use them when I travel overseas combined with blinders. Works great... can't hear or see a thing..

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love that snowman!!!

I am interested to see how the paleo works out for you, I have a hard time following it

Teamarcia said...

Best snowman ever!
I've read the book and it makes sense to me but I haven't implemented it for any length of time.
My husband the Caveman, however lives by it. He's more of a muscle guy so I can't attest to the Paleo lifestyle for an endurance athlete.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great pics!! This is my fist exposure to Paleo, so I will have to do some research. Thanks for shring the book!

MizFit said...


Charisa said...

Cute pics - hope you feel better. You can use the code CWERN-S for 10% off QR too :)