Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am now giving out the very first YOU FREAKING ROCK AWARD.

What is the YFRA you ask?
Well, the YOU FREAKING ROCK AWARD is for the blogging athlete that I think just plain old rocked it for one reason or another.

So, who gets the very first YFRA??


well of course-- EMZ. If you do not know who or what I am referring to, this would be the incredible EMZ-she runs 50 miles with horses, she is an accomplished marathon runner, she spends days running hundreds of miles on her treadmill, she has abs of steel. If you do not read her blog-well, you are just missing out on priceless literary genius.

Yes, I totally HIJACKED this pic!!

Anyway, EMZ ran a 3:26:14 marathon this weekend. I think that is just awesome. That is why she got the very first (and soon to be very coveted) YOU FREAKING ROCK AWARD. She will also BQ like man. Of this, I have NO doubt!

She is SO awesome, in fact...I ran 2.62 miles on the treadmill in her honor. I was going to ride 26.2 miles on the bike but it would be embarrassing if she ran it faster than I could bike it.


yes, shorts in Dec in Maine. It's 50 degrees out! (but pouring rain)

I hope you are not sick of hearing about Chuckball yet. This is one of my favorite shirts and I wore it to hang out with Joe Friel on Sunday.
Yes, Joe and I are now friends. Buddies actually.
But this is a WHOLE notha post all together.
This post is about the shirt.
I got so many questions and comments about the shirt, it was quite the ice breaker in a room of amazing athletes. I now you are all dying to get your very own Chuckball so go to PunkRockRacing and you can be as cool as I am.
...and maybe, just maybe Joe will be YOUR buddy too. (probably not though)

Me and my new BFF-Joe Friel

Age Group Awesomeness
I found out this weekend that I have qualified for the USAT Age Group National Championships.

The 2011 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship will take place on August 20, 2011 in Burlington, Vt.

I would NEVER had known this if it was not for my tri-BFF, Dawn. Now being the ultra competitive gal that she is, she could have kept this quiet. But, being a true friend - not only did she verify this to be true, she even told me! (just kidding D, you know I love ya!!)
Time to get a new bike (is that Cervelo P3 winking at me???), put the pedal to the medal and try to convince hubby that this is something that needs to be done.
This might not seem like a big deal to some of you but considering that just about 2 years ago my idea of a triathlon was eating 2.4lbs of Chinese food, drinking 112 beers and smoking 26.2 packs of cigarettes--this is a big deal to me.
Even bigger of a deal, I qualified my first season.

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Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I agree. EMZ is an awesome runner!

Caratunk Girl said...

Yeah for EMZ!! Great pick, that woman rocks! So do you ofcourse! Again sorry I missed you at Joe, great picture BTW! :)
OOOOH New bike! Yeah!

Rae said...

EMZ is awesome and a true inspiration!

Quinton J said...

Yeah she does.

Emz said...


JL. YOU rock, my friend.
Killing that shirt.
That stride.
Can I borrow it?!

Made. My. FREAKING. Day.
Thank you.

Katie said...

what a great award! this is awesome.

Trish said...

Awesome! Love the award! Love EMZ! You are both such great inspiration to me!

Aimee said...

Woohoo for EMZ! She does ROCK!

Yay for qualifying for the championships! That is just awesome! :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

yay i can finally comment!
yay for emz! and yay for you and qualifying! your awesome!!!

Molly said...

great idea! You look fab in the shirt : )

btw, I tried to donate to your fundraising page yesterday, but for some reason my card wouldn't go through....I'll try again tonight : )

Kera said...

we seem to have a lot in common!! emz really is the best!