Tuesday, December 21, 2010

running to 37-

This is me 32 years ago-I was 5.

I hated those bows!

My Mom used to always match my hair bows to my outfits and I despised it. I would ask her "Do I have to wear those DUMB BOWS??" The answer was always yes. Now, I'm really glad my Mom made me wear them. I will impose the same DUMB BOW rule on my own daughter.
Ahhh, to be 5 again. Life was good.

My favorite things at 5?
Riding my bicycle (some things don't change)
Riding horses. Climbing tress.
Listening to my records. Yes, records. I recall Free to Be You & Me as one of my favorites.

Let's jump forward 15 years-

Kim & Me in my new convertible!

Here I am at 20 with my cousin Kim. I just bought my very first brand new car with a little help from Mom and Dad! A little blue convertible. Life was good!

My favorite things at 20?
Hanging around at the beach (again, some things don't change)

25 was fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Boston night life. Parties.
I spent way too much time in a tanning booth in my 20's

I spent 3 weeks in Northern California touring thru Napa Valley, Sonoma and then San Fransisco.

Smiling big-I think it's the wine-or beautiful Northern Cali
I would travel to Florida at least once a month. I spent time in the Bahamas. Diving in BVI. Surfing in Mexico. Weekends in NYC.

1st pic-Mexico 2nd pic-Abaco, Bahama's

My favorite things at 25?
Traveling- anywhere at anytime.
Dancing- anywhere at anytime.
Drinks- anywhere at anytime.
Shopping- anywhere at anytime-especially Newbury St.

I still wonder how I worked 12 hours days followed by dancing all night in the clubs and could go and go with little to no sleep!

Then I returned to Maine and met up with my husband-to-be. We were school mates but did not like one another in school. I guess that some things DO change.

Somewhere along the way from 27 to 30, I started packing on the pounds and I lost a bit of myself.

Just before my 30th birthday we got married.
My favorite things at 30?
Beer, Chinese food and cigarettes!!

Then just before my 35th Birthday, I had Lola.

A bundle of joy

on my 35th Birthday with the best gift I have ever!

My favorite things at 35?
My family. Being a mother. My health.
Lola became my motivation to live a better life each day

I discovered things about myself that I never knew.
I found that running is a lot more fun once you get off the treadmill.
I learned that there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to it.

This is me on my 36th Birthday-
RUN U MOTHER. Running & Lola-Life is good!

Tomorrow I will be 37 years old.

I plan on making year 37 even better then 36.

I love my life- I really have never known true joy like I do now.
I have passion for the things I enjoy-running, triathlon, being a Mommy.
My family is amazing-they make me SO happy every day.
I feel so blessed.

So here's to 37.
Some fear getting older.
Not me.
I am embracing it.
Actually, I'm running to 37. With open arms and a smile!


Big Daddy Diesel said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved your post. It's amazing how things (our priorities) change over time. Happiest of birthdays to you!

SparkyFox said...

I know it's not your Birthday until tomorrow, but Happy Birthday. I loved the glimpse of your life and your favorite things. I hope you have many, many more very Happy days!!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

happy birthday a little early!!!!
love love this post!!!!
you totally rock,and i have no doubts you will be running until 100!

Rae said...

Happy Birthday! I love all the flash back pics!

Jason said...

I love it. I just turned 37 9 days ago so Happy Happy Happy Birthday to a fellow Sag.

Great post.

ChuckBall feared his 37th B-Day....You Don't

A Prelude To... said...

Cheers to 37!!I loved reading your quick story of how it went down :-)
It reminded me of me. Age 30s favorite things cracked me up. Been there!

justme said...

i like the photo story, it really speaks for it. you should be so proud

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GREAT story post!! HaPPy EaRLY BirFdAy!!

By the way, you look fabulous and definitely MUCH YOUNGER than 37! I love, love the name Lola!! What a cute form of daily motivation!

Courtney said...

I love where you are in your life. So happy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

Happy Early Birthday! You make 37 look fan-freaking-tastic!!!!

Unknown said...

What a cute post! And HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!

Molly said...

Fabulous post, love all the phots throught the years, especially with your tan! : )

Happy Birthday!!!!

Alex said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!

What an amazing post! Wow, wow, wow.. what a life you've had. Hot mama!

Pahla said...

What a wonderful post - I love all the old pics!! Happy Birthday and cheers to a happy and healthy 37th year!!

dawn said...

Happy Birthday -- belated -- but I already called you!!! How did we live without each other for 37 years???????????? Hee, hee. Hope you LOVE your gift -- Someday we'll drink REAL Kona coffee in Kona!!!!!!!

Here's to qualifying for the Ironman World Championships sometime in the NEXT 37 years!!!!

Happy Birthday my friend. :)

starfaerie82 said...

Aw Jen..... Happy super belated Birthday!

Hope your birthday was great and your christmas even better!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!! I just turned 33 a couple weeks ago and have been doing a lot of "evaluating where I am". You continue to inspire me with your energy and positiveness :) Thanks for all your posts... and I hope to see you in some races this coming year!! (although I'll probably just see your back hahahahaha)

Charisa said...

Happy Birthday!