Sunday, December 19, 2010

this, that and a BQ

First, a bit of good news!
My father, the mechanical genius he is, was able to fix my camera in about 4.5 seconds. Well maybe 10...but he fixed it and it is working good as new! Thanks Dad- YOU ROCK!!
(yes, he does read my dribble now and then)

I had a great training week this week-logged 111 miles this week with a majority of those miles on the bike. I am enjoying the early morning spins and it also gives me a chance to catch up on my favorite garbage television. I did DVR the Ironman Kona coverage Saturday and this will be played again and again during spin time!

I wonder who won??

Speaking of which-I think I am going to take some advice from Joe Friel and rotate focus on different things. One week bike, the next swim, the next run etc. I am still working on getting my 2011 training plan together ala JF and all I learned at the clinic.

I did get out for a long run this morning. The plan was 10 miles but once I got going and got out to one of my favorite spots I just went with it and did a 14 miler. I have been neglecting my long run the last couple of weeks and I was really happy to get out. Considering my mileage has been pretty paltry in the run category, I am happy to be feeling great right now.

So here it is Sunday afternoon, the weekend coming to a close and I can say "I have to work tomorrow".
he he he
I have not said that sentence since early October of 2008. While I love being a stay-at-home Mommy, I am looking forward to a couple hours a week working. I will be in the gym and I can't think of a better place to spend time and get paid!

One week from today I will be running the Operation Jack/Train 4 Autism 10k Satellite run! That means there is only one week left to get in on my Big Stocking Giveaway!! *any amount of donation gets your name into the Big Hat to win this awesomely awesome stocking.* Lola will pick the winner sometime on Sunday.
Please see this post for info on the giveaway and the link to make your donation.

Speaking of Operation Jack...Sam ran marathon #60 and BQ'd with a time of 3:14:21! Congratulations Sam!! I am looking forward to cheering you on in Boston!! Check out Sam's race report here.


Unknown said...

Sweet 14 mile run! And awesome news on the camera!

Aimee said...

Good job with your mileage! I DVRd Kona too and will definitely watch it again during trainer sessions.
Good juck with your new job! Yay!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Good luck at your first day of work!!! :D