Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Help

It's that time of year again~The Holiday's are here and with it comes the fun of purchasing the perfect gifts for all of those on your NICE list.

I was never a big Holiday greeting card kind of gal until Lola came along. Pre-Lola I would send out just a few cards to close friends and family. Once she came along, well I really felt that it was important that everyone I know get a picture of her-it would just make their Holiday so much brighter!! Right?? 

Really...we did not send this one out.

Lola's first Christmas, I dressed her up in a Santa suit and attempted to take some funny pictures to send with the cards.

Lola's one year portrait

Last year we did just regular Holiday cards with pictures from her one-year portrait session.

This year-I am letting Shutterfly do the work for me! Not only am I doing our Holiday cards with Shutterfly, I am also getting some Christmas gifts crossed off my list by creating a 2011 LOLA-LAND Calendar for all of those wonderful people on my NICE list!

The other gift idea I am going to do is some coffee and tea mugs with pictures on them. Once I get the mugs I am going to make some little baskets and fill it up with goodies-gourmet coffee and tea and/or hot cocoa. Maybe some GC's to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. I love to use those spoons covered in chocolate too! Add some truffles, candy canes, some fun baking mixes for cakes or cookies and you have a cute gift!

*SNOW* The first flakes fell last weekend

I have never worked with one of the online photo companies so this will be a first for me. The hardest part? Choosing which images to use! This is certainly a whole lot easier then bringing my camera or ScanDisk card down to WalMart, waiting for a machine then printing out the pics I want--all while fighting the crowds of people and chasing a very active two year old.
Why didn't I think of this sooner??

Catching snowflakes on this season's first snowfall!
I found Shutterfly easy to use and navigate; I think even my most tech-challenged friends would find it easy to use. There are some simple editing options available such as cropping, color enhancing and red-eye correction. I found the selection of Holiday cards was ample and I found several that I really liked.

So why am I doing a blog post about this? Well, I want to make the Holidays easier for you too! Make sure you go to Shutterfly and check out all of the fun things you can do with pictures!

Do you have an amazing race picture that you feel should be shared with all you know? Put it on a mug!!
Did you PR this year and caught it on digi-film or have one of those grimace faced pictures of yourself crossing the finish line? Share it with all you know! Nothing says love like "look what I did!!"
Is your child/dog/cat/hubby just SOOO cute you need to share? Send a picture greeting card!

I am also doing a post about this because I am asking for YOUR help!
Please vote on which Holiday card design you like best and this will be the Small Family greeting card this season. Don't like what I have picked out? Then visit Shutterfly and tell me which one YOU think is best. Just leave me a comment letting me know what you picked!

Of course the card we pick will have a picture of Lola in them, not the model child in the examples: 

Option #1-JOY

Option #2-Snowflake Sprinkles

Option #3-Color Me Merry


Unknown said...

You can't go wrong with any of them, but I like the second one the best!

I love Shutterfly... just got my cards from them in the mail this week! :)

KovasP said...

I like the first card best. With 4 kids, we were somewhat limited with card options, as we wanted each one to have their own portrait.

Courtney said...

I am going to vote for the snowflake card. It is my favorite.

SparkyFox said...

I like the first one, as it would bring out Lola's silliness, especially if you had her model for you that way with her hands near her face. Make sure whatever you select, you post it here for us to see.

Emz said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1. the personality shines though like crazy. Love it!!

Stephanie said...

You are a lifesaver! Photo mugs all around! With a four-month-old, I have no time for real shopping this year. And she lives thousands of miles away from all the grandparents, so they'll love seeing her picture.

Aimee said...

I like the "joy" one! I used Shutterfly too and my cards just came in the mail today! Woohoo!