Friday, December 10, 2010

It'll go a little somethin' like this-

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on putting together my race schedule for 2011- as well as focusing on develping a training plan and getting to a leaner racing weight.
There are just SO many races I want to do. These are on "the list" so far
Rev3 Quassy Oly
Pumpkinman Tri
Fireman Tri
Mainiac Tri
Tri for a Cure
Eastern States 20 Miler
Smuttynose Marathon
Mt Desert Island Marathon
Maine 1/2 Marathon
Beach to Beacon 10k
Kerrymens Pub 5k
Run for Cash 5k
Labor Day Classic 5k

this is just a prelim list but the ones I really want to do. I won't get into all of them either as reg fills fast on a couple of these. Also, timing is really messing me up because some of the "A" races are back to back
Then, I got this email about a Ragnar Relay in New England and well, I started thinking about it.
REALLY thinking about it.
The Rev3 Quassy Olympic distance tri would be one of my "A" races and this is just two weeks after Ragnar.

I can just imagine how this is going to go over with the hubby.

Yup, something like this:


Emz said...

the quote hands. freaking awesome. "three [fantasy] freaking days".


Jen you rock.

Teamarcia said...

Looks like lots of exciting stuff for 2011! Love the video! Too funny!

Melissa Cunningham said...

LOVE that video!!!!!
and which marine 1/2 are you doing? im doing the marine core 1/2 in may,in VA.....are you doing the same one?

Unknown said...

Melissa; MAINE 1/2 although MCM is on my "big list"
I have a lot of lists...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats alot of racing, I love it!!!

Is your race for the cure in Michigan? If so, its on my radar.

Heather said...

That video was funny! did you show your husband?

Aimee said...

Great racing schedule!

Those videos always crack me up!

Jason said...

Love that you just want to keep on racing. I try to pack as many in as I can as well. It is the can't get enough of it.

Plus you want to make sure that all your training is for something.

We, We....I thought he was going to say 'do you speak french?' I throw that at Karen.

This is great.

dawn said...

LMAO!!!!!! Both Craig and I -- the problem is he actually agrees with your virtual husband!!!! ARggghhhhh!!!! What are we going to do?

Unknown said...

Heather-Yes, I showed hubby last night and he thought it was really funny :D

Big Daddy-TRi for a Cure here in Maine~it's a womens only tri to raise money for the Maine Cancer Foundation. A trip to MIchigan would be a whole new video all together!!

Dawn-I know! They don't get it~
Maybe WE can just get married?? I would never complain about spending money on gear, coaches, racing travel etc. Eli and Lola already get along so well...LOL!!

My Life said...

So glad to happen upon your blog! I'm new to New England & will def need to google the Eastern States 20mi & Ragnar Relay. Are you still looking for teammates?