Monday, November 15, 2010

My Sunday Run with Chrissie Wellington! (and other stuff)

Another week in the books of 2010 and another week that did not go quite as planned.
The week started out promising-I got in a couple quick, short runs (3 & 4 miles) and then a couple brick workouts. I did not hit the weights since I was planning on lifting heavy Friday and Saturday but you know what they say about the best laid plans...
While I was able to get in some quality miles, some speed work and got my butt on the bike I did not get in all the workouts planned. I had a 54 mile week: 28 miles running and 26 miles on the stat bike.
Friday night I could FEEL the cold coming on--that thick headed feeling, a bit of a sore/scratchy throat. Sure enough, I woke Saturday morning with a full on head cold. So I skipped the gym session and decided to keep my running date with Dawn. Luckily, she told me on Friday that she was not really digging doing hill repeats so the running Rx was changed to nice-n-easy.
Saturday was gorgeous! Sunny and 60's~we met up down at the strip in Old Orchard Beach and ran down to Pine Point and back--an easy 6 miles: flat, perfect weather and great company. I stripped down to my tank top quickly, that's how nice the weather was!
I think that Dawn is getting used to the fact that in the middle of our run there is usually going to be a pee break for me. I don't really care too much where-I do have a modicum of modesty so I do try to be discreet about it. I run off into the woods or hide behind a building or something. Saturday's pee break was no different. We came upon a seasonal condo across from the beach that looked vacant. Soooo....I walk behind the vacant condo, dash behind a tool shed! PERFECT, no one can see me here. Except the cargo train barrelling towards me along the tracks honking it's horn!! By this time, there is no aborting this mission so...I guess the train got a free show!
I felt really good while running and on the way home, I could feel the chill invading my body. I got home and made a steaming hot bowl of veggie soup and then joined Lola for nap time!
Sunday I was still feeling ICK. Hubby had some stuff to do around the house so I got errands done in the morning. By lunch time, I was feeling the itch to get out and run. You HAVE TO take advantage of any warm weather Mother Nature has to offer in November here in Maine. I planned on an easy 5-6 miles. Grabbed the ipod and went out the door with a plan to listen to fellow Mainer, Jason and his podcast Mainely Triathlon. Got the old ipod fired up and dang it! The only episodes on que were the ones I listened to last week. That left me with 2 episodes of The Age Grouper: the Chrissie Wellington episode or Plan Your Year from 2009.
I wasn't feeling much like using my brain to plan anything so Chrissie won.

What a pick! The majority of the podscast is a discussion/Q&A with Chrissie at Runner's High 'N Tri in Chicago.



Turns out I have a lot in common with the 3-time Ironman World Champion!!

1-we are both female
2-we both love triathlon
3-we both competed in our first triathlon with a borrowed bike...
4-...that borrowed bike was heavy!

"my first triathlon was a sprint and I did it on a borrowed bike. It looked like a bumble bee-it was black and yellow. I still, still have it-I can do bench presses with it, it weighs that much! Umm, and I had the toe clip pedals and my running shoes. And um, the laces came undone and and the running shoe laces got caught up in the crank and I did a very ungainly and ladylike dismount onto the tarmac so that was the first race"--Chrissie describing her first sprint triathlon 

Listening to Chrissie's stories about her first days of triathlon just made the time fly by and before I knew it I was at the turn around point of my planned run. I was feeling SO good and enjoying the day so it was ONWARD. I then headed down to Fortune's Rocks to run some more.

One thing came through loud and clear while listening to Chrissie speak-not only is she a champion in triathlon but she is a champion for the sport and for the people--cheering on age groupers after racing the course herself, chatting with fans, signing autographs. Her passion for triathlon, her humanitarian efforts and her use of her fame to bring awareness to the causes close to her speak volumes about her character. Her positive attitude is contagious and you can almost hear her smile when she speaks.
So hearing how hard she pushes herself during training sessions certainly made ME want to push myself a bit harder-not only today but all days. My planned 5/6 mile run turned into a hair over 9 miles (9.12) and it was a wonderful run. I enjoyed the day, the beach and the fresh air. I learned a lot about an amazing professional triathlete and I learned a little about myself too!
So even though the week did not end up as I had planned, it was a fine end-sick and all.
I hope your week was a good one!
Where did you find motivation?



It is a great community sport. After IMFL last week I saw Joe Bonness who is a multiple age group World champion and he was still hanging around the finish when I came in..... 3hours after he did..

Melissa Cunningham said...

great way to get the miles in!hope you feel better soon!
loved reading this post!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That was a great podcast, you can tell through her speaking that she is passionate about the sport and explains things as she is an age grouper not a pro.

Unknown said...

No better way to be motivated than to listen to Chrissie! :)

Jason said...

Congrats on all your commonalities with Chrissie. If there is one person in this sport you want to have a lot in common with it's her and for all the reasons you listed.

Champion and Real Person all in one.

Way to get the workout in, but boo on the illness.

Tangy said...

I so know what you mean about getting outside whenever you have a nice day in November--we had some 70* weather last week, also unheard of this month in Illinois and I was outside running whenever I got a chance!

YOU are incredibly motivating to me!! Sometimes I think, if Jenniferleah can lose 100+ lbs, then I can lose this last 20!! Seriously :)

Bette said...

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.