Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Tale of Two Suits

TYR vs. Speedo

The TYR suit (left) and the Speedo suit (right)

Last week I hit my local sporting store to pick up some running shorts since they were having a sale. While there I saw a cute TYR swim suit and decided that I needed to get it.

I was in love the with colors of the suit~BLACK and HOT PINK but not in love with the size (dang those things run small, talk about a kick in the ego!) nor was I estatic about the fit. or the price ($68.00) but I got it anyway since I don't have a "real" swimming suit for SWIMMING. With the sale, I got 50% off my Nike Tempo running shorts with that purchase so I figured I was saving somewhere right??

I got home and tried the suit on again and I was still not in love with it. But I kept the tags on it and stashed it aside.

Saturday morning I brought it back to the sporting goods shop and decided to try on a couple different sizes but settled on the one I had deciding against the return.

Then today while out and about doing errands with Lola I stopped into TJMaxx to see if I could score some good stuff. You never know what you will find there!!

...and there it was!

...a black Speedo swim suit with white trim ON THE SALE RACK!

Whoa, could it be? Could I score a nice simple swim suit on sale?
And the OH! WOW! another one!! A Nike suit in pink and black.
WOW WOW WOW! The Shopping Gods were smiling on me today!!

I ran into the fitting with with Lola with my shopping cart full of stuff from Target and tried them both. The Nike suit was too big but the Speedo suit was JUST RIGHT! The adjustable straps allowed me to get the fit just right!

A perfect fit. And a perfect price!

This suit was originally $65.00 but would you like to know what I paid today??
Take a guess!!


Yup, you read that right. It was marked down to just $7.00 dollars.

It was the only one there-trust me I looked for MORE!

So needless to say that TYR suit is going back tomorrow. I will lose the sale price on the Tempo shorts so maybe those will go back too BUT I could not be happier with the suit I got today.
It was comfy, cute, simple and ON SALE!! Who could ask for anything more???


Melissa Cunningham said...

ahhhhhh,gotta love sales!!GREAT deal!!!


starfaerie82 said...

I agree with you there. I have had two suits from tyr, both polyester (which is supposed to last longer!) and both lasted not even a year. One lasted a season the other about three months.

Recently purchased a speedo which was bigger, but double layered and fits me amazingly well. I swim so much though I will let you know how long it actually lasts.


Aimee said...

Awesome! I love finding great deals...especially on workout gear! :)

Emz said...


Can they even make a suit for $7?! Who freaking cares!! ;)


Jon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice find on an incredible price!