Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hooray for Happy Hoo Ha's!!

The fine folks at Reflect Sports were kind enough to send me some Hoo Ha Ride Glide to try out!

This is the ONLY anti-chaffing skin cream for women by women!!

From their story on the Reflect Sports website:

"We are committed to providing custom quality products for women with active lifestyles," stated Jena Schuster and Laurie Mellott, owners of Reflect Sports. The two women balance a life of family, work and fitness.
"All the creams on the shelf are designed for men or are generic in their use; women have different parts and I wanted something that is specifically for me and my girlie parts. We actually had to use our husbands' nut cream for a long ride because we couldn't find one made for a woman," stated Laurie.

HOO HA RIDE GLIDE™, The Original Skin and Chamois Cream Formulated for Women, protects your most girlie parts from chaffing, friction burns, irritation, inflammation, and saddle sores. It is specifically formulated for women by women with all natural ingredients and can be used on other skin areas where chaffing occurs.

I am heading out on a ride this afternoon with my Tri-Training-Partner-In-Crime, Michelle and I am looking foward to testing out Hoo Ha Ride Glide!

I will be back with a full review AND a chance for YOU to get your own Hoo Ha Ride Glide!!


Emz said...

OMGosh. I'd buy it just to look at it and read it every day. Who ever came up with that name should be promoted.

Love it.

Unknown said...

hahahaha - hilarious! Can't wait to hear how you liked it!

Aimee said...

You are sooo lucky! I've heard great things about it so I'm anxious to see how it worked!

Jon said...

Just saw your comment about feet and frozen water bottle. THANK YOU!!! I am rolling my foot on one right now and I am happy that you said that this method has helped you out.