Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Crap!! Oh Crap!!

Oh Crap! Part One:
For several weeks I have been nursing a muscle strain in my lower left leg which has been limiting my running miles. Back in late July when a couple tornadoes came rolling through the area (yeah, TORNADOES in Maine) I decided that a fun run would be to get out and check out the damage. So I got out early to see what happened~did lots of jumping over tree debris and when I hit the mean streets of Saco I decided that a jaunt up North Street's cobbled sidewalks would be a good idea. I love running North Street...well the next day is when the nagging pain started. And it just got worse, to the point where walking was uncomfortable. SO rest, rest, rest and finally last week the leg was 100% better. YAY!! So I got in a couple good runs and even hit the run portion of the Mainiac tri course and banged out a sub-23 min on a 3.2 mile run and then did a 4 mile cool down on the beach sand. I was back and feeling good.

I was busy busy with the TRI for a Cure on Sat. I ran to the gym Sunday, got in a great workout. Felt awesome. Then Monday OH CRAP! my RIGHT lower leg started hurting. Are you kidding me???
Hey leg! I have a 64k I am running in 6 days and you decide YOU want to act up???
I have been lucky to be pretty much injury free the entire time I have been running and working out. I did not understand for the life of me why I was having pain all of a sudden. Is it my form? Is it my shoes? When the left leg was hurting I figured I just moved the wrong way jumping over tree limbs and branches or the uneven running on North St. but when my RIGHT leg started hurting Monday, I really got nervous. Then it hit me while laying awake in the middle of the night.
On Sunday I was using the new calf raise machine at the gym~it has kind of a funny angle compared to the standing calf raises I usually do. I recalled a weird feeling in my arch of my right foot so I am thinking that THIS is the culprit of my pain.(s) Sure enough, upon review of my training logs, I had used the same machine back in July just before the left leg started hurting.
So here I am taking yet another break from running so my leg will heal. I am supposed to run a long, long run on Sunday-The Run for the Fallen-and I'm so sad that I am not 100% for this run as it has been something I have been looking forward to all summer. I am still going to go and do what ever I can. In the mean time I will focus on swimming, cycling and weight training.

Oh Crap! Part Two:
Now for the funny crap. Not so funny at the time but in hind sight I guess you can call it funny.

My in-laws have always had boxer dogs as long as I have been around. They have actually had boxers for well over 30 years and always more than one. The last couple of years have been tough for them as they lost Riley (only 6 years old), then Delilah (12.5 years old) and most recently they had to put down Reaghan (8 years old), it has has been a very sad time. They gave away their dog food, toys and other doggie items to friends and a local shelter. Grandma said that if they ever got another dog it would have to fall out of the sky and into her lap. It was just too much work and it was just too sad to say goodbye. Their dog days were done.

Until yesterday. Poppa (my father-in-law) was out and about with Grandma and Lola when he came across a sign "BOXER PUPPIES FOR SALE" on the the side of the road. They stopped to inquire within but no one was home. So they placed a call to the number on the sign and left a message. Both Poppa and Grandma spoke with the woman selling the puppies later that day.

Grandma called me just before dinner time-they were driving out to see the puppies and wanted Lola and me to come along.

When we got there Lola was a ball of energy and squealing with delight to see SO many dogs and puppies~4 boxer puppies, the boxer Mommy-dog and another small doggie were all running about. Grandma held the female reverse brindle puppy that she picked and Lola ran all over with all of the other dogs; playing with them, patting them, running, running and running some more. Lola wanted to go and play with Mommy-dog but since I did not know this dog I grabbed Lola and held up up on my hip while she wiggled to get out of my grasp.
And then I smelled it.
Oh CRAP! Literally...
Lola has stepped in a giant, fresh, soft doggie doodie. It was ALL OVER her foot. And it was all over ME. And it was all over the camera hanging off my wrist.

Doggie poop was covering my daughters feet and legs and it was all over my entire right butt cheek.

My father-in-law lovingly informed me that there was NO WAY I was getting into the van like that.

The people selling the puppies were nice enough to bring me out a bunch of paper towels and gave me a garden hose.

After stripping Lola down and hosing off her shoes and pants, I sprayed the crap off of my backside. Then I cleaned up the camera.
It's time to go!
Grandma said goodbye to her new puppy and we all got into the van.

Then I took off my shorts and rode home in my undies~wrapped up in Lola's blanket.
Let's just say hubby gave me quite the look when I got home and ran into the house with no pants on.
Talk about a crappy day!

Here are some pics of our visit with the puppies before the Sh!t hit the fan-(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Grandma saying goodbye to her new "baby"

Lola patting one of the puppies

Lola playing~she was in puppy heaven!

I would love to hear name suggestions for the new puppy! Let me know what you think :)


Melissa Cunningham said...

gah! oh crap is right,both stories!!!! i do hope your leg pain gets better asap!!!!
heres sending you get well wishes!!!!


mandyd said...

aawwwww. I have a boxer. So adorable! Hope the leg gets better soon!