Thursday, February 27, 2014

Marching Ahead...

thanks for all your comments and questions about my nutritional plan. I would LOVE to share with anyone about, feel free to reach out to me to chat! 
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I cannot believe MARCH is almost here!!

This coming month is full of adventures and one of my favorite times of the year.
Not basketball.
Not St. Patty's Day.


Last year we ventured out to Boulder CO and it was a BLAST! This year we will hold summit in Rev3's hometown of Manassas VA. They have a HUGE retail store and the company headquarters there. I am so excited to check it out and see my teammates...and meet the newbies who are joining us in 2014.

The thing I love about our team is that they always see to pick some really cool folks. Just when I think the team can't get better, it somehow does. We all end up very close friends and summit is certainly a way to bond even more. 

With the very tragic loss of our teammate, David, we are welcoming his beautiful wife Ashley to our team. I am sure it will be a very emotional summit this year as well. David was an amazing man and he made all of us smile just being around him. 

I was super excited to see that my friend, Eric made the team this year so we will be flying down to VA together! Also, another friend, Jen G. made the team too!! I met Jen on the beach several summers ago when I first started doing triathlons. She lives in CT and visits Maine in the summers. 

some very mature antics on CO last year

There are so many cool "new kids" this year well as returning veterans that I adore. 
I really love this team and they have become my second family. 

I am also excited to go back to shorter distances again and work on speed and power for a bit. I know that I missed running faster and now that I am getting leaner and stronger, this will be super fun!

Other than Knoxville, Quassy, Maine, Poconos and a handful of other races, my season is still not fully developed yet! There will be some sprints and Oly's in there with a bunch of halfs...That is a weird feeling since I usually have everything planned out December...but with working has been so busy with clients and classes! I love it. 

a rough day at the "office" with my coworkers little girl, Olivia! she worked out hard with us today! 

What races are you getting excited for??


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Just still waiting on NYC...

RunToTheFinish said...

super fun!! you have some awesome stuff going on!

right now I am pretty much only focused on getting to the start line tomorrow morning, ha!

Carolina John said...

Are you coming to Cedar Point this year? I registered for the Full Rev today!

Have fun at the summit! That's going to be a blast. Personally I'd rather go to CO than DC, but anytime with the teammates should be fun.