Saturday, September 7, 2013

By The Numbers

In 2013 so far-

-3,878 miles on the bike

-782 miles of running

-199,760 yards of swimming

222 hours and 25 mins of biking
116 hours and 10 mins of running
72 hours and 34 mins of swimming
130 hours and 46 mins of strength training

1 (giant, recurring) HRM strap scar 

9 months of preparation and training. It is amazing what goes into training for a full distance event like Cedar Point.

Trip delayed by 1 day.

4: Number of times Lola projectile vomited grapes across the living room

9,846: Number of tears cried when I realized that Lola was sick, may not be with me for this race and facing the fact that I, too, might get sick.

13 Hours driving to get HERE

while here~

1 run
1 bike
1 swim 
while waiting on race day

3 giant salads consumed
2 cases of bottled water
1 nap

Now, less than 12 hours until I head to transition for my biggest finish line to date.

See you after 140.6 miles...


Unknown said...

Fly Jen Fly!

Unknown said...

Fly Jen Fly!

Karen said...

Have a great race Jen!!!

ltlindian said...

GO JEN! You will be awesome! I just know you are going to kill this race. You are so ready! You have more drive and determination than anyone I know. I'll be watching you!!

Unknown said...

YOU.ARE.SO.AWESOME! Cant wait to watch you cross the finish line via webcam! You are killing it!

Kabekona Tri Girl said...

You are truly amazing Jen and your hard work totally paid off. Fabulous job on the Full!!!!! WOW. You make me speechless. :)


So what was the number at the finish line?

Unknown said...

You are awesome. That is all.

ajh said...

Good luck! Hope you stay well and Lola feels better. That is a lot of training.