Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As far as being coached as an athlete, I think I am pretty easy to deal with...

Coach gives me work.
I do work. 

No excuses.
Just Do It.

As I mentioned last week, we {we as in Me + Sharpie} moved into a new phase of training this month and it is certainly keeping things challenging and interesting for sure. It was not until mid-week when I finally sat down and really got a good look at what was planned for my weekend
Not gonna lie, I was a little like "oh crap" this is gonna be a tough weekend. Saturday was more of a LONG training session vs. hard intensity and Sunday was just straight up "embrace the pain". Words like "hang tough" and "the pain lasts for a short period" echoed loudly in my Training Peaks block.
Back to back, long and hard.
Let's do this! 

I learned my lesson a few weeks ago when I was doing too much work/teaching AND training so I made sure to back off as much as I could in the days leading up to the weekend with my classes. When my Friday cycling class had a time trail scheduled, I just spun easy. I did nothing but lead in Boot Camp and went into the weekend as fresh as I could be. 

Saturday was a long run then a long bike-the run was awesome! I got out with my training buddy Marc...and the hubby joined me for his first long run. 

We ran down by the beach and it was crazy how huge the waves were!! I'd never seen waves like that in the absence of a storm--this picture does not do it justice--they were 10 foot high at least!

Fortunes Rocks
Hubbs, Me and Marc
Right after the run, it was onto the bike for some aerobic work and build sets. My legs felt like garbage to start but after about 30 mins of cycling or so, I was in a groove and before I knew it, done!
Executed as directed. I made sure to spend a little time in my NormaTec recovery boots Saturday afternoon, ate really well and hydrated.

Sunday was the hard bike session and since there was so much to concentrate on, it really flew by. There was no way I could rely on my current trainer entertainment-watching Breaking Bad on Netflix-so it was music. Hard music. Some angry rock. Some inspirational songs. 
Boom...hill...done. Another hill, *smack* now YOU'RE my b!tch hill...on and on and DONE> 
Executed as directed.
And it wasn't that bad. I mean, I like to climb. I like those hurt sessions. This one hurt a little but not enough to leave a scar. 

The one thing that did hurt the most was how hungry I was when done. I had no patience for cooking and I wanted something not so good for me....the hubbs suggested Red Robin for burgers and once he said burgers, there was only one thing I wanted:

patiently waiting on burger goodness

 I chowed my burger and fries and then we walked around the Old Port for a bit, stopping into a little candy shop that had THE BEST pistachio fudge I've ever had. Ok, also the only pistachio fudge I've ever had but I am NOT a fudge fan and this was Fan-Freaking-Tastic. If you are ever in the Old Port in Portland ME, stop into The Old Port Candy Co.


The Pirate, The Hubbs and The Lola

This weekend's training session taught me 
not to underestimate myself 
or fear a workout. 

What lessons have you learned from training lately? 


ajh said...

Those waves look pretty spectacular in the picture even. What a setting you have to work out in.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Was it that warm by you this weekend to walk around in less than winter attire? Nice! Spring is just around the corner...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I learned to trust the plan, as impossible as it looks, it is there for a reason

Unknown said...

Great job mommy. you are the best. Lauren and I are very proud of you

Doreen said...

That pain is fun!!! :-)

Carolina John said...

I love 5 guys more than any vegan should. it's dangerous.

Ririnette said...

I learned that if I don't own a pair of Normatec boots, it means that my workouts aren't hard enough. Well done!

Caratunk Girl said...

Awesome work girl! You are a Rockstar!

Those waves are crazy - Casey looks freaking AMAZING!