Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's Run a Marathon

As I have mentioned, I had to take the HalfFull race off my schedule this season. I am sad that I am going to miss this event-it has been on my planner for a while and it was one race that had so much meaning beyond triathlon. My bestie was going to travel down to Maryland with me and we were going to do it together...but important family stuff has come up and I had to back out.

So what is a girl to do?
Add a freaking marathon to the schedule.
Yup, I subbed in a marathon. I can train for a marathon in a hand full of weeks, right?
(apparently, I can)

I consulted Coach with this idea and things have been going well for the most part.
A very smooth 17 miler, a 19 miler that was good to 16 miles and then it was a death-march to the end. 19 is my favorite number so I thought for sure this would be the most amazing run, not the worst!
Last week I nailed a 21 mile run and felt fantastic. I was really nervous about that run because it has been a LONG time since I was running big miles like that...but having a smooth 21 mile run was a big confidence builder for sure.
Now, let's be clear here. I will NOT be qualifying for Boston at this marathon, that is for sure! While my miles are getting done, they are getting done slowly and at a very happy (low) heart rate with some peppier miles thrown in for fun. My only goal for this race is get across the finish line with a smile...and as quickly as possible.

I had an interesting convo with Coach about the methodology about my specific running plans and I could literally talk to her day about this stuff. I get so geeked out learning...anyway, I'm training smart and after my run, I was able to participate in my own Boot Camp class the next day. I could squat and lunge with the best of them...meaning MY LEGS WERE FLIPPING FANTASTIC!

I recall the days of my long runs (before I really knew anything about running and I'd just GO) I'd be so sore, especially the next day. It's nice to be laying down big miles and feeling so good after.

The week before last it seemed that every person I ran into was sick with something, then Lola was sick...then hubby was sick...then my father-in-law was sick (he watches Lola often) Dad was Mother-in-law got sick (NOT good, she has MS and a little chest cold can turn into pneumonia easily)...then my husband was sick. I was popping Zinc, Vit C, drinking ChuckieTea (Coach's secret recipe), eating well, getting rest and I really thought I dodged a bullet! Everyone was on the mend and then
It hit me Friday. Sore throat, watery eyes, sneezing, sniffles, stuffy nose and then just the thing I was hoping would NOT happen.
this bugger moved into my chest. 
I can deal with stuffiness and sniffles and the like, and my rule of thumb is to train through it.
Above the neck, all systems go.
Below the neck, umm NO. 

So the last several days has been either resting, pulling back on the effort for short, easy runs to keep the HR low and emailing Coach to have her change my schedule (I feel soooo annoying doing that).

Today was supposed to be a 24 mile run -- my longest ever-- and I just felt like I needed a few more days before tackling this one. I am still coughing a bit and I really want to nail this run. Coach actually bumped the run out a couple of days and at first I was like "whaaaat?" but she reeled me in and I needed to remind myself to be patient.
So I am being patient.

I woke this morning to pouring rain.
Honestly, I am very happy I am not running 24 miles right now.


KovasP said...

The rain clearly shows the delayed run was the way to go!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

So is this your first marathon? I've now realized that getting it done is mostly mental, so you definitely have this, even without a 24 mile training run. I hope you feel better soon!

Running With The Girls said...

Rest is better in the long run. Ha ha. Get it? I swear everyone is sick right now and they are out to get me. Sorry the germs got you. Yuck! I'm pumping vitamin C and sanitizing like crazy with hopes the germs stay away until AFTER MDI. Fingers crossed.

misszippy said...

Sorry you can't make half full, but very excited you are going to run Bay State! That was one I considered this year and will get to it sooner or later. You are being smart with resting while that cold is in your chest. I used to always try to train through chest congestion and always ended up with bronchitis. So much better to rest now than pay later.

jdbadger said...

You are not doing your miles stop sandbagging. Get better and do great as always.

Melissa Cunningham said...

only you would sub in a marathon,lol!
hope you feel better asap!!

Karen said...

Excited for your race! hhope you feel better soon so you can tackle that 24 miler :)

Shannon said...

Hope you feel better soon (I say this as I cough, too!). :)

You'll knock out those 24 miles!


Jennifer Spadafora said...

I'll be at Baystate but only doing 13.1! Looking forward to it. Hope you kick that cold!

Katie said...

subbing in a marathon. that doesn't sound crazy at all :)