Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Winner and More Quassy Fun

My life was an absolute chaotic mess of bad news just before the race. 
What a stress fest it was-it was presenting itself physically too!

Our clothes dryer went kaput just days before and I had to go and buy a new one (that was not in the budget!) and then even more good news, the clutch in my husbands truck also went kaput on his way home from work on Thursday. (really?? really!!)

He was staying home with Lola all weekend while I was gone and it was not looking good for me to take my car (which is awesome on gas) down to CT. My training buddy, Marc was coming down to CT with me to volunteer at the race and we could have used his truck but that giant V8 is a gas guzzler for sure!

We had my husband's truck towed to our mechanic and we were told that the truck should be ready on Friday-by the end of the day the latest so I was in the clear to head out Friday morning as planned with my car.
Fun note about this: the problem was actually much bigger than the mechanic thought and ended up having to do more work on the truck all weekend, leaving my husband stuck at home with an active toddler, with no car and massive rain storms that brought in over 7 inches of rain over the weekend itself. This would also end up costing waaaay more than we thought, as well. Great, more $$ gone! 

The Rev 3 Mobile

I arrived at the Quassy on Friday afternoon and the first thing I did was set out on the hunt to find Coach. I quickly discovered that she would not be making it to the race due to medical issues. Now, I was a tad on the devastated side to find out she would not be there--but I know she is no wuss and would have been there if she were able.
Another Fun Note: She had actually emailed me mid-week (twice, actually) about it and to nail down a race plan but I never got those emails. Late Friday night I got notification that she tweeted about my lack of communication. I got all panicky and started back-tracking thru social media and my email accounts to see what I was missing. Ah-hah! there were those two emails I missed...sitting in my dang spam folder. (Hey Yahoo! she's in my addy book so why is this being dumped into my spam folder??) I called her (which I never do!) and we cleared the lines of communication. 

I made my way around the park and sought out my Rev3 Peeps!! Then it was time to get my new blueseventy wetsuit and hit the water for a practice swim!!

with the awesome LJ
 The water was amazing--so warm. Actually, too warm. By the time I got to the first buoy that was set up for the Oly race the next day, I was sweating!! I got in a swim, got a good feel for the wetsuit and it was time to eat! I was famished!!

with the beautiful Jacqui Gordon! we were rockin' our Rev 3 Shimmer suits

It was going to be an early start to the day on Saturday since I was volunteering at the Oly race as a bike marshall on the course. It was time to eat, get some info to Coach and get some rest.
Saturday would prove to be a very long day with lots of action!!


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There were 41 valid entries into the contest. 

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Jen said...

OMG! I never win anything! AWESOME! Any number with "6" in it is a favorite of mine so maybe it was meant to be. :) THANKS so much!

Jason said...

Life can be cruel sometimes can't it? I mean things always seem to breakdown all at the same and all at the wrong time.

Glad it is taken care of now for you.

Now time to get back to training with the race over and pounding out those miles.

Emz said...

smile . . . . it's the freaking best.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

When it rains it pours, right? And it did that too this past weekend, correct? You rolled with the punches and did phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

It was so awesome to meet you over the weekend!!