Monday, April 23, 2012


So seriously, I have so many things going on right now and everytime I sit down to write about it all I have total brain freeze and then something distracts me and POOF! gone...I have about 100 different drafts sitting in blogger and not a single one seems coherent! I promise I'll get my act together and get these posted to share some info with you soon-
I feel like a bad blogger! 

Training is going well -really well, in fact-I just came off a huge training block, happy to report that it went great! But I am starting to get a bit of anxiety about the Quassy and the course. The anxiety is more related to the fact that I have no idea what to expect. I read blog posts like this one (from BadAss 2x Kona chick & Maine triathlete, Ange -- if she thinks it's a killer). I felt the same way about Timberman and heard all kinds of horror stories about how difficult that bike course was THEN I made my little pigramage to ride it myself and all my fears faded away.

I am planning a trip down to Quassy to freeze those fears and show 'em who is in charge here (ME!)

Plus, I'll get to see Rev 3 Team Mate extraordinaire-Laura (who just finished up Run Across America with Ulman Cancer Fund)

Tuesday I had a power session on the bike and then a run later in the day--it was in the 90's here (yes, in Maine and in April) so it was certainly not freezing. I decided to take my run down to the beach and on a dare from GOTRIbal gal, Marison I ended up in the ocean.
The 45* ocean.

Bone chilling cold shot up my legs even though I was hot! hot! hot! I made it up to my knees, twice and dunkin' was NOT happening. But rumor has it that my favorite local pond to OWS is rocking at 50*

 My training partner, Marc was ready to make a dive for it on our long ride Saturday.
I only dated to place my fingertips in the was sunny but a cool, spring day.

But I did strip off my winter layers at the pond. We started in low 40's, clouds and fog. At least the sun came out.

caught with my pants down! 

Hope you enjoyed that risque strip show!! lol

Happy Monday


misszippy said...

Not understanding why you didn't do 3,000 meters or so in that water?! ; )

Keep up the great training--you are going to be more than fine!

KMichaud said...

I feel the exact same way about Mooseman 70.3 coming up in 6 weeks! I read forum posts and other people's blog posts about it and I've been freaking out about it all week! I plan on riding the course beforehand because I like to know what to expect! Good luck and you'll definitely kick butt! :)

Matty O said...

I am w/ you on the elevations. As soon as you ride it you can have a grasp on what it really is.

Scared to death of wildflower... just because I have no clue what to expect.

Great job getting these workouts in, our weather is the same... poor Heather is going nuts w/ the laundry as we have been wearing like every possible article of clothing whether it's winter apparel or summer apparel haha.

Ryan said...

Quassy is more mentally challenging than it is physically. Timberman's an easier course, for sure, but you've got this if you've been crushing some of the local hills. You'll be fine!

XLMIC said...

Woo hooo! takin' it off ;-)

Cold water and I are not on good terms, but my husband LOVES it. Those are some brutal looking hills there!

Jamie said...

Gettin my dolla bills ready for quassy!

Just one small note on the course. It is bad ass and hilly for sure, but don't focus on the highlighted parts. Those are the biggest vertical gains, but not necessarily the hardest parts.

Like after the big hill around mile 4 on the run - there is a series of short windy ups and downs. Like a roller coaster. They look tiny on the elevation chart, but can hurt just as bad as the big hill at mile 4.

So my only advice is to expect every single mile to hurt like a B!TC#. And then you'll be just fine...

TriMOEngr said...

Someone was talking about starting up OWS with the tri club here and I don't have a wetsuit so I'm going with the "". But this roller coaster weather has been a trip! Hope to see some completed posts soon! :)

Suz and Allan said...

Oooh I bet that water was cold!!!

Jeff Vanis said...

Burrr! Looks cold even!

Jason said...

Loving the ponytails.....and any strip show is worth looking at.

If you scroll really fast your pants come off faster.....hahaha!