Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and a Winner!

Saturday: the last race simulation training day before Timberman.
1.2 mile swim. Excellent, I was pleased with this. Paced well but most importantly, I kept calm and cool the entire swim. I am a slow swimmer and at this point in the game the amount of energy I would expend getting a faster swim is not worth it. Save myself for the bike and the run. Now to just execute this come race day. I need to stay calm and not get sucked into the frenzy.
43 miles bike. Ahhh. My training partner flatted twice so the ride got cut short by 7 miles. No worries. Lots of climbing and hit up Range E Road which is an awesome climb. One big steep hill and just when you think you're good-bang! another steep ass climb. LOVE Range E!!
6 mile run. The first two miles were awesome I felt great but I went out too fast (8:30-8:40 avg pace for both). I need to really pay attention to this come race day, stay in my target pace and heart rate zone. Mile three I started getting really, really hot and asked what the temp was on the bike computer. 95*...DAMN! Threw some water over my head and kept going. Slowed down a bit and kept a good head space. Smiled when I felt I needed to smile. Mile 5 presented it first walk break when my HR spiked to 170's. Got that under control quickly and kept at it. Finished strong and jumped into the pond to cool down.
Learned some things and I just gotta remember to stay in my own space come race day and not worry about what anyone else is doing. I need to keep my conservative pace when planned (the entire swim, first 1/3 of the bike and first 2/3 of the run).

I got to spend Sunday at the Tri for a Cure with none other than Mandy!!
aka: Caratunk Girl or as I like to call her now, IronMANdy

Talk about a little package of happy dy-no-mite!! I never thought I would meet someone as hyper and spazztastic as I am (in a good way) about life in general and triathlon--guess what folks
I have met my match

Mandy is just a (little) big ball of positive energy and rocks this vibrant smile that is just super contagious!
We immediately got down to business discussing the important things in life-
Ironman Lake Placid (read all about how LP adventure-THE SWIM, THE BIKE, THE RUN) Team Trakkers, her coach, Ange (who I am currently "girl crushing" on big time! Even more so after killing it in LP and getting a spot at Kona!) racing, training, triathlon this and triathlon that...
We got the SBR Sports Inc PIT STOP flag up and started getting ready to spray the TriSlide and get those goggles Foggled!

It was an amazing day and I am so glad that I finally got to meet Mandy after reading her blog for so long! Hopefully her plans workout to make it to Timberman to watch the race and hang out with me, Chrissie (Wellington) and Chris (Leito) after. Yeah, that's how I roll.....

Ok, ok so now for a winner on my GUtastic Giveaway!!

There were 92 eligible entries for this giveaway.

Each eligible entry was entered onto a list in numerical order and then picked the winner for me:

Which was #71:

L'Averie: I would like to try the Island Nectar or Pineapple flavors in Roctane. I would also like to try the Brew.

There isn't a contact links for you so please email me at jsmall14(at)maine.rr. You have one week to contact me :) If I do not hear from you, I will have to pick an alternate winner.


Tricia said...

fun weekend!

Jason said...

Goggle Foggled? HA HA HA HA......OMG I loved that. Hilarious.

I WANT to meet IronMANdy....not fair, but I'm thrilled you guys had a great time.

Caratunk Girl said...

SO much fun FINALLY meeting you!!! I can't wait to hook up again for some SBRing! I really think I can go to Timberman! Thanks so much for your help, it was SO MUCH fun to do that with you!

Molly said...

love that picture of you guys!!!!!