Monday, August 29, 2011

The Aftermath

Well, here I am--a week out from Timberman and I am ready (itching!!) to tackle another one. I had so much fun and recovered so well, I could certainly be race ready again very soon.
Plus-I really, really want a redemption run!!
At no point during the race did I feel like I wanted it to end. The distance was fun challenge but now I gotta see how much faster I can go.
Forget taper madness, I am going bonkers with the short workouts. And I took TWO FULL DAYS off in the last week (Monday-the day after Tman and yesterday). I need to shift my focus and goals to something new to avoid this post-race let down! Plus with the decreased training volume, I have put on a couple of pounds!!  Well--my nutrition has not been all that great this week either...

I am already planning next years race schedule and have 2 half's on the books for sure.
If you have not already read about it, Revolution 3 is bringing a half-iron and Olympic distance triathlon to my back yard!! (well, not my backyard but it might as well be-it's just a few miles down the road)
This is FOR SURE my late season A race!!

I also want to squeeze in a trip to Lake Placid (hmmm-could this be a hint of things to come?) next summer and of course, there will be those fun sprint distance races I love to do.

I spent yesterday spectating at The Fireman Triatlon which got changed to an AquaRun due to Hurricane Irene. Yes, there was an open ocean swim but it was in a protected cove and the water was quite calm.
The rain stopped long enough for the race and it was perfect racing conditions as far as I am concerned.
I was a little antsy not racing but I was happy to cheer on my Kennebunk Triathlon Club friends!!

Getting ready to swim

The ladies Sprint wave getting ready to go-see calm water

The Club cleaned up at the awards ceremony with tons of AG medals

I only have one triathlon left for this season-The Mainiac Sprint-and I hope to beat the pants off last years time.

So for the time being I am working on getting my speed back on my run. I have a trail 1/2 marathon I'll be running in October and I am getting my butt back into the weight room. Depending on how the next couple weeks of running go I might attempt to pull off a marathon...who knows.

Some other new things on my horizon-now that Timberman is done, I am finally buckling down and studying to complete my ACE PT Certification and this fall I will be teaching a couple early morning boot camp classes at the YMCA. I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life! I am so passionate about health and fitness and I hope to help others discover how much fun being active and healthy can be! Plus if I can start making a little money doing something I love so much--a huge bonus!

What's next on your training agenda??
What goals are you setting for yourself?
What is your next big race?


Katie said...

wow, you are a busy girl!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Always fun looking into next season, I have not decided exactly what I want to do yet, I have some ideas, nothing crazy though

CautiouslyAudacious said...

That's so great that you had that much fun! Good luck with your ACE exam too I'm sure you will do awesome!!

Jason said...

We need to attack a silent assault on Karen about OOB. I want to do that race so bad and I want it to be a family vacation, but I am also thinking that if she doesn't go I'm still going and will get to meet you, Mandy and some others that I'm inviting to your parents house (LOL!)

I can't wait to race again either and fortunately that is on Monday then again on 10/2 and then again on 10/23.....yee-haa! Recovery schmovery....taper schmaper let me race!!!!!

Jamie said...

Idea time: OOB training camp. Just throwing it out there....

or spring Quassy camp?!

Erica Gorman said...

I have a half in 5 days, a full marathon in 2 weeks and 5 days. Then I want to focus on incorporating strength work into my running routine to really amp up my running!