Monday, June 27, 2011

An Answer & A Winner

Interesting guesses on last weeks post What?! Wednesday...
The Question? Why am I smiling like this??

Here are some of the guesses that made me laugh

Heather-you registered for a race on an ipad in a bathroom? Am I close? LOL! I can't see!!!!

ME: The fact that the corner of the gym in my YMCA does in fact resemble a bathroom cracks me up. I think I need to have a convo with the CEO and Fitness Director about some upgrades!

OneHourIronman: You are sneaking around in a public toilet using an Ipad as a flashlight??

ME: another bathroom guess!

StaceyL-OMG knowing you it could be anything! But...knowing you and recognizing the gym at the Y and the fact that your eating hills, you probably just did some mega hill work either on the stationary bike or on the treadmill. As crazy as you are it was probably both! And then posted something via the ipad like "quess what i just did"

ME: yes, I did a a killer hill bike session that morning but that's just a typical Wednesday right?? Nothing post worthy there...
Kim: You peed your pants while working out?...ok the bathroom guess got me thinking along these lines. And I DID pee a little at the end of my race Sat. night ha ha :)

ME: As you will soon find out Kim, I pee anytime anyplace-- Just ask my training buddies Dawn and Marc, I think I horrify them at times...Again, not post worthy!! lol

Jamie-You won a game of Sudoku on the hardest level?!

ME: Jamie, you give me far too much credit here. I could not win Sudoku on the easiest level.

Now for those guesses that were close:

Colleen: Hum... 70.3??? Oh, I know. You registered for REV3 Cedar Point so we can finally meet? It's about time!

ME-Oh, Colleen!! How I wish Rev3 CP was on my radar for 2011. 2012 baby...2012!! And Quassy!!

Caratunk Girl: I was going to guess 70.3...Pumpkinman??

Big Daddy Diesel: Its a race, a race supported by active, I dont see a mary yet in the comments, so I am going with that

ME: Good eye BDD! That IS an registration page!! And I'm shooting for a fall mary.

The correct answer is:

What?? You can't see that page?

How about this-

I am no longer doing the Pumpkinman 70.3 (long story) and will be doing Timberman 70.3 instead.
Yeah baby...hills, hills, hills.
I eat hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am not sure which pro's will be there this year but Chrissy Wellington usually dominates this race and then hangs around to give out the finishers medals. *crossing fingers* I freaking LOVE her. Like girl crush love her!!

Chrissy's 4:10:11 finish in 2010 at Timberman

I wonder if my OTHER triathlon crush-Chris Lieto-will be there??

Chris, if you are reading this (you know you read my blog!) please do Timberman and wait for me to finish!!

Now for the winner of the Tough Chik contest!!

There were 150 eligible entries for this contest. Of those 150 entries, each was assigned a number 1-150 and put into selected #71

Which was this comment:

I'd LOVE the Spiral – Cap Sleeve Tee in black - super cute!!!
Maybe even the black performance tank! Great line of clothes

Jen from the blog Running with the Girls!!

Congratulations Jen! Please email me at jsmall14(at)maine(dot)rr(dot)com
and I will get you connected with Shannon at Tough Chik to get your goodies!!

Up Next: The Run for Cash 5k RR and winner of my finish time!!


Teamarcia said...

Congrats on the race entry--looks like a great one!
Congrats to jen too!

misszippy said...

Good for you! Funny...I sat next to a guy on the plane yesterday w/ that race shirt on. It's a great location for a race--you'll love it,I'm sure!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Congratulations on the race entry (and fun idea for your giveaway!)

Glad to know celebs follow your blog. heehee

HD said...

That race looks awesome! You're going to rock it :)

Tricia said...


Big Daddy Diesel said...


I see that opens up 9-11, which means you can come and visit me and Colleen at Rev3 CP

Unknown said...

Yay - that's super exciting (although I'm totally bummed it's not CP! - next year for sure!)

Unknown said...

Timberman is a badass race that you will love. I will forever be happy that it was my first half-ironman, because it is a challenging course in a beautiful place. You will enjoy the heck out of that race. Hope for a cooler day though because it's absolutely brutal on hot days I hear. We were lucky to get 70's and overcast with a little rain last year when we did it.

Caratunk Girl said...

WAHOOO!! At least I got the 70.3 right. I did that race last year, it was the bomb. Chris Leito is going to be there??? Grab his butt for me OK? I tried to get Andy Potts last year but he was too quick for me ha ha I am stoked for you. That is a GREAT race.

Let me know if you have questions about the course - I recommend pre-riding it if you can. The hills are not bad, they only at the beginning really as I remember. There is a really nice flat section you can HAMMER on.

Jason said...

Good for you kiddo. Love the smile on your face with the registration form. How awesome is it that we smile like children when we plan on going 70.3 miles in a few short hours. Hilarious and congratulations.