Thursday, November 11, 2010

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers (and a winner!)

I love numbers.
Sometimes I get a little too focused on certain numbers-you know THOSE numbers.
body fat %

Since I started logging my workouts at

  • I have run 777 miles (actually 776.82 but 777 is a nice number)
  • I biked 452.14 miles (since I started riding this summer)
  • I burned 830.65 donuts (or the caloric equivalent for those NOT up on DM jargon)
  • My fastest pace was 6:10
  • My longest run was 22 miles 
Some cool Maine related ING NYC Marathon numbers-
Local Maine runner Sherri Piers was a Women's Top 25 finisher (#25) with a time of 2:40:35
Another local rockstar runner, Kristin Barry finished at 2:42:01
Other local runners I know that rocked ING:
Brian Denger 3:19:32
Joel Croteau 3:54:20
Then there are the fun numbers~
My favorite number is 19

I will regularly pick one or more of these numbers when ever playing any kind of lottery:
03 06 08 10 12 22 24 26

  • Hubby and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary this month.
  • I will be turning 37 in December-but I've already embraced 37 since this is my USAT age.
  • I have lost a total of 104lbs since I had enough of being fat and lazy.

There are 54 posts on this blog. This post will be #55.
I now have 100 followers-really!
I gotta do something special to celebrate this monumental achievement!

I had 81 entries for the Yurbuds giveaway
(I took out my one comment about ear blisters. Yes-ear blisters. If you are curious about the ear blister situation, read all about Jen's dilemma here!)

That brings us to the winner of the Yurbuds giveaway!!

The lucky number for this drawing was...pick via early this morning


oh you can't see it?

The winning comment:
I'm a follower

The lucky winner??

Congrats Aimee! Send me an email at jsmall14 (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com and I will get you the code to order your very own set of Yurbuds!

Keep your eyes open for a fun 100 follower celebration giveaway soon. Those original 100 followers will have a little something extra special. Not sure what yet but... interim, make sure you check out Aimee's blog--she is doing super fun giveaway of her own!! All of her favorite things.


Teamarcia said...

Congrats on the 100!
Congrats to Aimee too!

Unknown said...

Woot!! 100!! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Aimee!

And this was a fun post to read - thanks for sharing!

Keri said...

I'm a numbers person too. Good news. I talked to the company and its okay that you are not on twitter or fbook. So I am entering you into the contest :) if you want extra entries just link to their site and let me know.

Melissa Cunningham said...

whoo-hooo 100!!!!


Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

yay for 100... i don't like numbers though... haha maybe i'm in the wrong sports :)

Emz said...

I swear Aimee has the best. Luck. Ever. She. Rocks.

Yay for 777 & anniversaries & lucky #19 & 6:10 pace [holy crap]!

And thank you for the hilarious comment today. Loved. That.

Happy Friday!!

Jen said...

Hmmmm....I'm pretty sure Aimee already has yur-buds. I think should now win them by default!!

Sorry Aimee (And Congrats! You sure are on a winning streak!)

Jen said...

And...CONGRATULATIONS on 100 pounds lost!! And 100 followers! And it's you're anniversary!! WAHOO!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love your numbers and you have come suc a log way in your journey!!!