Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do

It's not me, it's YOU!

You have changed. You are not the same-you are no longer as reliable as you once were-you are falling apart at the seams, literally. I cannot ingore this issue anymore-
I tried to fix this. I have given you so many chances and nothing has changed.
It's time for me to cut my losses and move on.
So ASICS, I am breaking up with you.

NO. There is no one else. Not yet.
But you will be replaced...soon.
I am not sure with what as I am still seaching.  I have been out with a couple other shoes-Newtons, Brooks, Mizuno, Saucony but no one has really rocked my run.

With Regret,

If you recall this post from early August, I have been having  serious quality issues with my ASICS. They keep ripping, stitching coming apart way too soon, lining ripping or coming out. I'm talking less than 100 miles on two pair and one pair falling apart at 60-something miles. Really!!

So on the advice of the very wise running moms in the RUNNING MOM's, I e-mailed ASICS with a long letter describing my many quality issues of late with Kayano's (14/15 and 16).

I got an email back from Chris (the Consumer Relations Lead) telling me to mail him my shoes and IF Asics determines that it is a quality issue then they will replace my shoes with the same or a similar model. SO...I mailed out my Kayano's ($23.00 to mail 'em!) that were ripping apart all along the toe box (right shoe) and the side of the shoe (left shoe). Note that this pair only had 93 miles on them.

Chris wrote back to me a couple weeks later suggesting that I try out the 3020's or order a size larger in the Kayano's. He also sent me a diagram of how to lace up the shoes. Ok, I'll try something new-I am open to any suggestions. Chris assures me that he will order the shoes (3020's) and get them to me very soon.

A couple weeks pass and a big brown truck pulls up one day. Oh happy dance-a big box from Asics. I am so excited I almost hugged the delivery guy. I open up the box and admire the pretty white and blue sneaks. Then I try them on.
Major FAIL!!
The right shoe is a different size than the left shoe. The right shoe is so tight it is pinching my big toe-the left is just fine.
Now my feet are pretty much the same size- I do not have issues with sizing. I am starting to wonder if I am crazy but NO! these shoes are two different sizes. I pull out my tape measure and sure enough! Right shoe is 1/2 inch shorter than the left shoe.
Now I am very sad and very annoyed.

I write Chris another e-mail explaining this problem and his response?
NOTHING. No answer.
I write a second e-mail to him once again asking for help to resolve this NEW issue.

I get a response about a week later telling me that he is willing to exchange the shoes ONE MORE TIME and wanted to know if I wanted to try a different pair of 3020's or Kayano's.

Excuse me.
This is not a case of me being picky about a color. I cannot wear these sneakers.
So needless to say, this response annoyed me even more. I decided to stay with the Kayano's since I did not even get a chance to run in the 3020's. Several weeks later I got the pair of Kayano's via big brown truck (no big hug for driver dude this time) and I returned the irregular pair of sneakers to Asics. Two months to have a single pair of sneakers replaced that were defective to being with...

The whole situation left a sour taste in my mouth. I mean really...just in 2010 alone I purchased 4 pairs of Asics for running, never mind cross trainers and sneaks for my hubby (2 pair for him but who's counting?!). I spend a lot of money with Asics and I really expected a more from them in the way of customer service.

So between the quality of the shoe and the quality of the service, I am taking my hard earned dollars elsewhere.

I just don't know where yet...but when I find out I will let you know. Oh yes, I will yell it loud and proud.



I love my KSwiss. I have gone out with Newton, but my wife was starting to wonder about me and the neighbors were starting to talk....

Emz said...



But really give Saucony another try. You may have to warm him up a bit...get him going....but once he is warm . . .. hold on. . .for a great ride.

Neil Richard said...

I'm sure a lot of people will be just like me and recommend a particular brand or style of shoe. Before I do that, pick whatever fits and whatever works for you. I don't expect your foot to be just like mine. I currently run in Saucony Ride 2s (Ride 3s are in the wings waiting) and have had no issues with quality. I have a pair of Saucony TR4s (trail shoes) and they don't quite fit as well as the Rides. My Brooks Cascadia trail shoes are great though. I've heard a lot of great things about the Saucony Kinvara, but they don't come in wide width, so I'm hesitant to try them. If you'd like to see how my Rides held up over time, here's a link to some photos -

I go into a bit more depth about how much wear and tear I put them through.

And so far, I can speak highly of Saucony's customer service. They've been great on Twitter with advice. I've only made one return through their site and it was easy but not great. I'd recommend Zappos for the best level of service on orders and returns.

Unknown said...

Emz and TK42ONE:
when I first started running, I ran in Saucony (Triumph) and was very pleased. I currently have a pr of the Ride's and they are OK.
I am picking up a pr of Kinvara's soon.
I will certainly give them another look.
I know the pr of Triuphs I started running in are still in excellent shape so that speaks volumes about the overall quality.
Thanks for your input :)

Teamarcia said...

Shame on Asics. I broke up with them years ago when I turned an ankle while running in them...3 freaking times. With an occasional fling notwithstanding, my Mizunos and I are pretty tight.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Well, first time that I witness a break up on a blog!!!

Customer service just is bad now a days, I tried dealing with Xterra about a wetsuit issue and they treated me like I was the issue, not the fact they mailed me a suit that was bigger then what I ordered.

Unknown said...

Teamarcia-funny, so far the winning shoe has been Mizuno's Wave Nirvana.

Unknown said...

BDD-I made sure Asics knew too. no response to that email! imagine that.

so-how did the wetsuit issue end up?

KovasP said...

Hoping you find true love...

Jen said...

This is not good news!!! I haven't been loving my new mizuno's this time around, and was really holding out hope for the kayanos tonight!!

I can't believe he didn't respond to his own frickin' mistake....ARGH! What happened to the days when people fell all over themselves to get your business?? Now they treat you like they're doing YOU a favor? Pulease...

ooooohhh that makes me feel old that I just wrote that.

Unknown said...

Im not a fan of Asics never was. I am a BIG fan of Sauconys and the new Kswiss shoes!!

Unknown said...

Jen-don't get me wrong-I love my Kayano's. They make my feet happy. falling apart so soon does NOT make my wallet happy.

track your miles on the K's and contact them if you have issues. I really think they need to hear about it :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh! i hate to hear about that!!!!
i broke up with asics after my 2nd yr in college.
although they fit my foot well,they only held up for a couple months before they broke down...
then i started to date adidas,fell in love but saucony stole my heart...
i do hope you canb find your true love soon!!!

Austin said...

You gotta give Newton some love. If their style matches your running form - I have never had a company stand by their product so well. Great customer service. Awesome shoes. Weird colors.