Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 random things on my mind today...


Balega Enduro White - MediumAhhh, the importance of good socks. Once I started running regularly I became quite picky about my socks. I was like Goldilocks-these are too thin, these are too thick. Too tight or too loose. Or the toe seams would drive me BANANAS!  I was wearing a couple different styles of Asics socks but they did not seem to be moisture wicking-anything over 10 miles and I was getting blisters or irritation. Then I participated in a sock swap with The Running Mom's group and my sock swap partner sent me a pair of Balega's Enduro's.
Now I try not to run in anything but my "beloved Balega's" as I affectionately call them.
Yesterday I snuck out for an almost 6-miler before dinner and I threw on a pair of the Asics socks. BAD. The toe seam was running along the top of my left foot and I could feel it just grinding into my toe. Several adjustments later and still no success. Today there is a nice little abrasion going across the tops of my toes on the left foot. Lesson learned.
What socks rock your world??

No More Candy!
Mommy Butterfly and her Baby Bungle Bee

Hubby and I took Lola out for her very first Halloween adventure. She dressed up as a "Bungle Bee" (as she calls it) and I joined the fun and dressed up as a butterfly. Lola was quite frightened of all the decorations--especially the scary ones! But after a few stops at some neighborhood houses, she got into it and had a lot of fun. We only went to a dozen or so houses and then called it a night. I ate SO many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that I actually was wondering if I could ever feel the same about them. Turns out the next day I was pretty much over it.

Getting Wet-
I'm getting back into the pool finally! I met up with Dawn on Sunday morning and she gave me some really great tips! She also gave me some useful feedback on what I can improve on and one small change led to an AHA moment for me. I am attending a Total Immersion swim session on Sunday so I am really looking forward to learning more. I have also been in contact with Celeste (who does the clinic) about some one-on-one sessions.

Not-So-Extreme Makeover-
So did ya notice the new look of the blog? Let me know what you think! I decided to play around with it a bit yesterday and I am liking the improvements so far. It is still a work in progress so I am sure there will be more changes to come.

Happy Birthday Cake
Today is my Mom's birthday and I know that nothing could be better than having me announce this on my blog-What a great gift huh?
So, here's to you Mom!! I hope that this year brings you health and happiness. Thank you for being you!

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Compression socks rock my world, any pair of socks that is a full workout just to get them on, better rock my world.

Tangy said...

I noticed the redesign right away!!! One day I want to have someone design my whole page and give me a cool customized header!!

I have never had any cool running socks. Maybe next year when I return to running after the winter I can get some real running gear!

Katie said...

I heart the Feetures socks!

KovasP said...


Emz said...

YAY for MOm's b-day!

I'm a die-hard thorlo wearer!!
You bet cha I noticed the new look and am lovin' it.

Happy Thursday!

Jen said...

I'm in the process of finding my fave running sock! I'll definitely have to give those ones a try!

I'm just finishing a TI swimming class right now (8 weeks!) and I LOVED IT! I'm still getting the hang of the technique, but I think it has made me a much more relaxed and efficient swimmer. Have fun!

Jen said...

I'm still looking for my fave running sock! I'll definitely have to give yours a try!

I'm just finishing a TI swimming course right now (8 weeks) and I LOVED it! I'm still getting the hang of the technique, but I think it has made me a much more relaxed and efficient swimmer. Have fun!!

Jason said...

24 Hour Fitness sent me a pair of Nikes for posting on their FB page and I love those. Long runs those go on. Anything under 6 miles and I wear my Zoots socks.

Aimee said...

I love to run in Smartwool socks! They are pretty much the only thing I run in now!!

Ugh..I ate too much Halloween candy too...blah!

I like your new design! I've been thinking about changing mine up too!

dawn said...

Okay, I think you know what my fav socks are now!!! I didn't ever really pay attention to socks and because of YOU I am furiously doing laundry after running because I need my Balegas.

Super cute Halloween costumes - your bungle bee is just too cute for words!

Can't wait to for Sunday -- maybe a run soon?