Monday, May 2, 2011

The winner is...

Thanks to everyone who entered my Tommie Copper giveaway-I am really pleased with my Tommie Copper calf sleeves and I hope that the winner enjoys what they pick as well!

In reviewing the post on Saturday, I realized I made a small error. I listed the deadline as SATURDAY, May 1st. Now we all know that Sunday was May 1st so I left the contest open until Midnight last night just to make up for my blondness error.

There were 59 eligible entries (yes, I do check them!) for this contest.
How did I pick a winner THIS time?

Well, is boring zzzzzzzzzz
Lola was sleeping
and so was my Mom
Casey was busy getting ready for work

I saw that my friend and co-worker at the Y, Stephanie was on Facebook so I posted on her wall asking for help in picking a winner.

JEN: Stephanie-can you help me pick a winner for the Tommie Copper giveaway I did on my blog?

STEPHANIE: yeah, me???? LOL How do I do that? Send a link to the blog.....

JEN: you don't even have to do that! Please pick a number between 1 and 59...

STEPHANIE: Oh...hahaha....why didn't you tell me it would be that easy.....hmmmmmm....39...that is how old my sister would be today...It is her birthday:-)

JEN: wow!! another Birthday related winner! The last winner was #64 since it was my Dad's 64th let's see who is lucky #39 on my list of entries????


JEN: no-you don't enter my contests. that's why YOU are perfect to pick the winner. An unbiased picker...LOL!

(this is the link to the entire conversation)

#39 and the winner is:
KRISTEN from Running, What?

Kristen, please email me at jsmall14 (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com and I will get you in touch with the friendly people at Tommie Copper so you can get your own TC compression!

Don't worry if you did not win THIS contest! There is still plenty of time to enter my
They keep me running and tri-ingGU Giveaway

and my

 Socks Appeal Giveaway!!


Teamarcia said...

Congrats Kristin!

Kim said...

Yay congratulations Kristen!!! Jennifer have a fabulous day - I love you!

Emz said...

YAY Kristen.

And speaking of blondeness - I think I was supposed to answer ?'s like 14 days ago.

I'm on it - I swear. this cold has left me with even fewer brain cells.