Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2'sDay-By the Numbers

# of days I have been sick: 5
# of shots of NyQuil consumed: 2
# of days I have been losing my voice: 2
(some say this is a blessing--for THEM)
# of days shot on my training plan: 4
# of miles I ran this week: 4
# of miles I have biked this week: 21
# of yards in any body of swimmable water: 0
# of day of sunshine in the last 21/2 weeks: 1-TODAY

to celebrate the sunshine today, while Lola was napping I said "housework, schmousework", grabbed the monitor, my new cookbook Everyday Paleo and the current issue of Oxygen, a giant iced tea and brought my congested self out to the lovely hammock in the back yard and relaxed! Set my cell phone alarm for 2pm and said GO!

# of pages read in Everyday Paleo Cookbook: 3
# of minutes into "relax time" when I dozed off: 10
# of times my coughing woke me up: 4,444 (for you EMZ)
# of ounces of ice tea consumed: 48 oz
# of bug bites acquired while napping: 5

Happy Tuesday! I have a super duper review and giveaway coming up!!

I'll give you a hint: This is perfect for the Golden Warriors and Triathlon lovers--because Triathlon Rocks!!


Jason said...

LOL....golden warriors.... I love it.

I have been missing you and was going to email you today to make sure all was well but here you are resurfacing.

Hope that cough goes away and I hope that you can get back into #runstreak.

BDD said...

I hope you feel better soon

I earned the right to wear that shirt last weekend

Emz said...

ok this made me all kinds of happy.

4,444. but then I saw that = coughs then I felt sad.

about . . .

where. you. are. napping. the. freaking. rain. forest?!?! 5?!

My Life and Running said...

Today was beautiful, wasn't it? Glad you got out & relaxed in the sunshine. Hope the VitD helped you feel better!

Jamie said...

What about the extra hours spent sleeping to get better faster?!

Oh, and I really think they need a "I pee on the run" shirt. THAT is a lot harder. Trust me.

Carly said...

Glad you enjoyed the nice weather. Hope you feel better soon. It sounds like the cold I had last week is very similar to what you have. I hate feeling under the weather.

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Feel better soon :) Hopefully there will lots more sunshine coming your way!