Sunday, May 29, 2011

D@#$ Blogger !!!

I have been having problems commenting on blogs for days
people cannot comment on MY blog now
what the heck blogger???
I have never had problems with Blogger until recently-the whole lost posts and comments from a few weeks ago and now this

Jason has suggested I switch over to WORDPRESS

I am not sure I am ready to take that leap...


If you want to enter my TRIATHLON ROCKS contest
and you cannot comment
send me an email at jsmall14(at)maine(dot)rr(dot)com
I will be sure that all of you entries are counted.

Thanks and Happy Sunday


Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Did you retry commenting on mine yet? I "think" I'm commenting on yours right now, lol.

fancy nancy said...

I had to try twice to comment. It has been happening to my blog too! Yikes!

Penny said...

I know. I have been having problems leaving a comment. I leave it and it wants me to sign in and I have already than it goes back to the commet and says it anyomous edit. It's crazy. Goo Luck. I wish I could help. But computer are not my thing.

Finallyfit2011 said...

YESSS it's been driving me crzy!!! grrr! However looks like it's gonna let me comment now so I'll go back to your giveaway & try again. If no luck I'll email ya! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Blogger sorts itself out soon! I use Wordpress and like it, but I haven't used anything else, so can't really compare it Blogger...

Sherri said...

Love the tshirt! My blog has been having problems too! bummer!

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

WORD. I have trouble if I'm on my laptop, but not the desktop.

But I'll comment on your blog all day if you'd like!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I been having the same problem and its been a week and blogger hasnt fixed it.

Miguel Angelo Vieira said...

Hey there.

I hope your comments are working now. Anyway, I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and will continue to do so.

Keep the miles coming.