Thursday, October 6, 2016


It is officially fall here in Maine.
October. The trees are aglow in splendid colors. The cool temps have returned
Lola is now 8.

My baby is now on swim team and playing field hockey. She is as funny as ever too!! I am forever grateful I have this blog just for capturing those fun moments with her!

where has time gone?
and where is the rewind button??
There are some moments I would like to revisit,I would like to fast forward through and some I want to hit pause on...

This summer, I got to venture out to San Diego for the screening of From Fat to Finish Line (which is now on Netflix if you wanna see it!). I love the positive energy and the community that has come together surrounding the release of the film. Our Facebook group is growing and growing - and I cannot wait to unveil the fun stuff that is coming!

It was quite the adventure for sure -we flew into Las Vegas (I've never been) and then drove to San Diego the next morning. It was such a beautiful drive too! The desert landscape is so different from the lush, green Maine mountains where I play!! It was HOT

The view from our suite at the Golden Nugget

Pool View

I was so super stoked to stay at the Golden Nugget for ONE REASON:


See that blue tube running through the center of that pic above? That is a slide tube where you get to ride a water slide through the shark tank. Yes. That alone was worth the entire trip out west. But we had so many more amazing adventures that I cannot wait to share with you!

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