Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Gotta Know Your Own Crazy: Own It

yesterday while fumbling thru the newsfeed on FB, I found this gem posted by some of my Rev3 buddies (Tracey, thank you!).

The last several months have been such a learning experience for me...processing things I thought I had let go of, learning what makes me tick...what I want and don't want out of life and those who are IN my life. It's been a difficult process and one that will take lots of time, but I am embracing it and love learning more every day. 

I had to share this (excuse the profanity if it offends you)...

OWN YOUR SHIT via Elizabeth Gilbert
 (the author of six books of fiction and non-fiction—most famously her memoir "Eat, Pray, Love")
Dear Ones -
Oh how I love this drawing, sent to me last week by a friend of this page who knows me so very well, and who thought I would like it.

Hell yes, I do like it!
The artist is a woman named Carrie Hilgert, Artist . From what I understand, the character shown here is somebody named Myrtle, who, in the words of her creator, "doesn't give two fucks."
I love this character. I love Myrtle's posture, her attitude, her self-assurance. "What Would Myrtle Do?" is perhaps not such a bad question upon which to base your life
One thing I can tell you about Myrtle? SHE OWNS HER SHIT.
You guys, for serious, it's very important that you learn how to own your shit. At some point in your life, you really have to get honest about the weirdest and most damaged and most broken parts of your existence, and take responsibility for it all...lovingly, but unblinkingly.
Or, as Iyanla Vanzant puts it: "I know my crazy. Do you know your crazy?"
You gotta know your own crazy. Can't own your shit without knowing your crazy.
For many years, I didn't own my shit because I didn't KNOW my shit. If you don't know your shit, people, then that shit will control you and make your life into Crazy Town. Until you own your shit, all you do is make excuses for the madness that is always surrounding you, while throwing blame around like confetti.
By this point in my life, though, I know the worst of me. I know the triggers that make me into a temporarily insane person. I know my vulnerabilities and my pride. I know the stuff that makes me want to deceive, and the stuff that makes me vindictive, and the stuff that makes me insecure, and the stuff that makes me just flat-out mean and ugly. And I definitely know all my demons by their first names.
This is what therapy does — helps you to learn your shit, inside and out. This is what meditation is for. This is what recovery is for. This is what reconciling the contradictions of your life is for. This is what radical honesty is for. This is what the courage of truthful introspection is for.
Owning your shit begins to happen the moment you finally recognize that the common denominator in all your biggest problems is YOU.
Not them: YOU.
It's a beautiful, humbling, necessary realization. It's an education. It's painful. It's the beginning of adulthood. It's pretty much the definition of maturity.
And then you take a deep breath and say, "OK, I admit it. It's me. That's my crazy shit. I own it. Now what?"
Then, the work begins.
You might or might not be able to change it, but at least you gotta own it.
That doesn't mean abusing yourself: it just means taking accountability. Own your shit with love and perspective and self-compassion...but definitely own it.
Don't worry if other people are owning their shit or not. That isn't your problem. Just own yours. Keep your side of the street clean and honest, and rest of it is none of your business.
Just be honest and real. Like Myrtle. Who I freaking love.
Please do check out Carrie's blog, too, where, JOY OF JOYS, you can order this as a t-shirt:
Thank you, Carrie, for this fabulous creation!
Thank you, Myrtle, for being awesome.

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