Friday, January 30, 2015

Got Snow? My NEW Favorite Way to CROSSTRAIN

So living in Maine, it's no shocker that we get snow storms. Lots of them. Frequently. It actually makes me laugh when there is a Nor'Easter or Blizzard coming to town and everyone freaks out.
You do know you live in Maine right?
This isn't South Carolina!!

Anyway, it's been a pretty calm winter here thus far and we got hammered with our first significant storm of the year this week. Over 2 feet of snow, howling winds and some drifts that are quite big. Some spots, the snow is overhead.

A couple weeks ago I ventured out to try something new--SNOWSHOEING.
I picked up a pair of Atlas running/race snowshoes last winter and only used them a few times, short little jaunts around my "home field" only. So when the opportunity arose to really go get out, I took it.

the view of "Indian in the Mountain" from the frozen pond

My first foray into the wooded mountains was spectacular! It was a bright, sunny day and sky was bright blue. I was in awe of just how pretty the Western Maine mountains were from my new perspective (vs. a ski lift or slope). I had an experienced Guide and we traversed through trails, blasted through the 3 feet of fallen snow to make our own, crossed a frozen pond and even jumped over a small brook. I had a blast and I could NOT wait to do it again.
I am pretty sure I had a smile on my face the entire time.

I was excited to try this again...and SOON!

Sunday rolled around and I had 10 mile run scheduled. Another sunny day and I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the fun I had in the mountains. So I rallied my training partner to hit the trails instead of the roads. I figured a good 5 mile snowshoe trek would be great cross training & a good way for me to get lost in the woods.

I forgot to wear my GPS and track my distance on my first "real" time out but I wouldn't forget it this time!

 We drove out to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and  hit up the trails I run in the summer. It all started out LOVELY...some running on the snowshoes, some trekking, some getting off the trails to make our own in the deep powder. The trails are very well marked and easy to follow. Once we got a few miles into the woods, the trails disappeared but there were some lone ski tracks to follow.

Now, I am open about being directionally challenged. And apparently I cannot add either.
What started out as a 5 mile adventure started to tick away the miles...and as I compared the map to what we had covered already, I was starting to see that we would be getting a bit more than 5 miles in...5 was 6, then 7, then 7.5...we finally got back to the trailhead a bit over 9 miles in.

The last couple miles were fatiguing for sure...especially considering we ran at the start for a bit...and we only brought 1 bottle of water with us.

That didn't matter. All I can say is, I got lost in the woods for 2.5 hours.
I pushed my body, which I always enjoy.
And it was a beautiful day. 
I was able to leave behind the stress of the week and simply enjoy the quiet of nature.
The beauty of the fallen snow.
The sun on my face. 


Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Sad to say we can snow shoe here now!!

Carolina John said...

Snowshoeing looks like fun! But yes, sadly, SC will never know. ha!