Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day One

Today was Day One of training for what is NEXT

As you may recall, the late season triathlon plans had to take a back seat to family right now and I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to see what the Universe would have me do next.

I am a next person. I like need goals. That ever present carrot dangling before it small or large, goals are what keep me motivated to keep on keeping on. It gives me drive and focus to have that NEXT item to check off.

When it comes to checking things off, I have this list of things that I want to accomplish, races and distances I want to tackle and such. These range from small goals and target race times to lifetime goals and "pie in the sky" races across the globe.

I don't believe anything is TOO big to tackle.

I was sitting there one day when the Universe once again whispered into my ear.
GO. go west. run.

It all happened quite fast actually (as most things in my life do). I got an email from Angela about Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA in February. This is one of those races that has been on my list since the early days...simply for the magnificent medals.

This is the actual medal for the 2014 race

So when it's cold in February here in Maine, I will be running here:

And since I'm running a marathon on the LEFT coast, let's call it a double header! I am also running the Maine Coast Marathon along the Maine beaches in May!

So my little post-Cedar Point "break"/off season is officially over. Today was DAY ONE of marathon training.

What more can a girl ask for? November in Maine and 60's weather!? Sunshine!! Tank Top!! Sunglasses!! Smiles!! Oh...and I found money.
a dime.
ten cents.

I actually stopped and picked it up. Not because it was ten cents but because I am considering it a little trinket to remind me of this next journey to California and a faster marathon.  I tucked it into my jewelry box along with a couple other small mementos I have kept, including a small rock from Lake Erie and the first toenail I lost (yes, really. Gross, I know. Whatev'

day one

10 cents to California

I am excited to focus on my run for a bit and work on getting faster and stronger.
Which is only going to help with goals for NEXT season!!


Do you take an "off season" or change gears this time of year?

What is one of your "bucket list" races and why?


Running With The Girls said...

oh my word…2 more marathons! you are on fire!!!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You know I want NYC and I would love if my Jens were there with me!!! (And I bet if you picked cup all the money along your runs you'd have an entry fee!)

Unknown said...

Once you are done running on each coast, how about running in the middle?? I'm thinking that Iowa would be a nice middle spot for a marathon in October!

Unknown said...

I think after you run on each coast that you should run in the middle. I think Iowa would be a nice spot in the middle for you to run in October!

Unknown said...

NYCM could work into the year. Lottery!!?? yes...

Robin said...

Bucket list? Escape to Alcatraz. Why? Because I love San Francisco, and feel it would be an amazing test of my abilities and strength of will.

Erin said...

I find I definitely need a goal to keep me motivated. This fall is usually the hardest time of year for me because I usually don't have any events, so I don't train as much. This year I had 2 fall events, the last of which happened last weekend. Now I'm scrambling to find something to keep me going until training for the America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride begins in February.

My sister just finished the NYCM & she loved it! Everyone I've known who has done it says it's one of the best races to do. Y'all should definitely try the lottery! I told my sister that she's almost making me want to start running again so I can do it with her next time. ;)

RunToTheFinish said...

i try really hard to not be a next person because then I miss out on enjoying the current moment...but sometimes I totally am! I don't plan out my entire year in advance and I'm totally in awe of all racers who do!