Friday, October 11, 2013

Reset Run

The last two weeks have been crazy. like UBER crazy and im trying to catch my breath. keep up.
between the many classes I am teaching per week--bootcamp, cycling, fitness.
covering for co-workers (which I LOVE) who are sick or away
being Mommy. wife. Jen.
and now add new SWIM COACH position to the mix (fist pump excited about it)

my own workouts have been missed. this is strange for me. i don't like it

but today? i made time for this.
it was heaven on earth.

*le sigh*

All I had to do was follow the YELLOW trail. Yup. still got lost. Ended up on Blue. Red.
It was fine. I was so ok with getting lost in the woods.

My incredible strength parted these trees. Not really...

Bridge Planks. Cuz that's totally normal when you are in the woods. 


Trail blocked...keep going!

I'll be doing that again soon...I have not had a re-set run like that in a LONG time.
all is well with the world


Carolina John said...

Did you finally publish that picture of your undercarriage chafing below the picture of you planking on the bridge? because with your descriptions and the leg pic below it; that's totally believable.

Cool trail!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Your run reminded me a lot of our wildlife refuge Charlie and I ran while training for our May half. It's been that long since I've run it... time to hit the trails...

Running With The Girls said...

Looks awesome!!! I always get lost running in the woods..... always. For some reason I lose track of the markers. ugh!