Monday, July 29, 2013

6 Weeks

6 weeks less one day until Cedar Point...

always rocking the R

let's just say that between training, working, sleeping and family life trying to find time to blog about it all has been a challenge. When you are juggling that many balls, sometimes a few fall (like blogging and housework).
Rev3 shimmer & Team Tats! Today's double swim

I so miss sharing my crazy adventures with y'all so I am opting to journal the last 6 weeks until my first 140.6 even if it is only in bullet points and a few pics!

Following my friends racing at IMLP yesterday certainly got me pumped up and feeling excited to toe the line myself! Such a pleasure following those who crossed the finish line...and feeling heart break and worry for a few who did not make it.

The crazy dreams have started already!
Coach said this is totally

We have two kinds of weather this summer;
Cold and Raining
95* of blistering heat and oppressive humidity.

wet n dirty after a long ride in the rain
downpour, survived 60 miles in this and then finished up on the trainer

My run has been all over the place and it's because the weather is all over the place here in Maine. I train by heart rate and it's interesting to see the variance with HR, pace and temps.

There has been NO middle ground with the weather
My pace has no middle ground either.

blister  hot track run, not blistering fast

cold run, fast run, hard run, happy run
All in all, things are going very well with training and I am enjoying it. I have a Coach I trust 1000% and I really mesh with her methods. I am really glad that begged Carole to take me on this year.

there have been long rides in the rain...

boo to cold rain, yay for hot pink Pearl iZUMi & PunkRockRacing gear

A couple weeks ago I did the Peaks to Portland 2.4 mile point to point ocean swim as part of my training (1:16) and had a blast! So awesome!! I cannot wait to do this again next year-

breakfast Powerbar!

the ferry packed with kayaks

Marc, my kayak support and cheerleader

The only way back now is to swim! 

Flashing the REV3 Shimmertasticness to the crowds

ready to go!

the essentials: my shimmer suit, TriSlide, Powerbar and BlueSeventy

The next day was a pretty exciting day of racing too. However, I was only the spectator to hubbs first half marathon!! That was pretty cool and deserves it's own post!! 

Stay tuned!


Maggie said...

LOVE the photos! Now you're ready no matter what race day at CP brings!!! Enjoy the last few big weeks!!!

Michele said...

I volunteered to work at Cedar Point's Rev3 event so I can see a larger event up close and personal. I hope you have an awesome race! Rev3 looks like a great company and really exemplifies what I believe is the best thing about the sport of Triathlon. Best wishes to you!

TriMOEngr said...

Check out those GUNS!! You are so freaking amazing! I miss your more regular posts, but glad you are cranking out the miles in no matter what miserable conditions you are given. Great selfies throughout!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I love hearing about your intense training sessions. You amaze and inspire me!!

Unknown said...

Excited for you and your first 140.2! My hubs did his first half marathon as well on Sunday. Isn't it so great having them love what we love?

Ransick said...

Are you selling tickets to the gun show? You are looking strong!