Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: SNOWRUNNING

Weekend Snow Runs in Maine


A light snow and it was quite nice...


Sunday's LONG run was a different story
More snow

Fortunes Rocks Beach covered in ice and snow

...and did I mention, 40mph winds??

ice-crusted eyebrows! eeek

Be safe! Thanks Donna 

snow day fuel

 The wind was so brutal, I was running wearing
a neoprene face mask-a definite first for me. 

Between the Atlantic Ocean and "The Pool" you could literally lean into the winds here
it was  pretty strong and blew us around quite a bit. 

Training buddy, Marc

I swear, this is the first time this boy has worn pants!
He's usually in shorts


What are some extreme conditions you have subjected yourself to during training?

Do you prefer hot or cold training weather? 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Brrrrrr!!! Sorry, I know I live in the midwest and am subject to this weather, but I hate training in it. 60 degrees is a nice temp to train in for me

Missy said...

I would respond but my fingers froze to the keyboard ;-)
Way to get out there and get it done!
Total hard core!

Carolina John said...

holy crap that's insane! Training to the extreme! Good for you just getting out there. try not to get blown out to sea please.

TriMOEngr said...

We're expecting our first significant snow of the year tomorrow (Mother Nature is completely on crack this year) and I can guarantee you that I won't be running in it. You are amazing! Love the #noexcuses! I'll either pay for a day pass to the Y and use the treadmills with a friend or jump on my bike trainer - or snuggle up with hot cocoa. Whichever!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Wasn't 'neither' a choice? I guess if you put my feet to the fire I'd pick cold, since I'm a sweater and I dehydrate easily.

ajh said...

I ran in Maine in the snowstorm on Sunday. I'll blog about it later.
I like cold weather running although that day didn't work so well!
It was definitely a pants day.

BabyWilt said...

Good lord that is INSANE!!!!! well done :-)

Kate said...

You know me! I love me some cold weather :) Way to get out there!

Tara Martine said...

Wow I give you major kudos for running in that weather!!! Myself I prefer the heat; was on the bike yesterday and was cold and dreaming about those days where its 100+ and feels like you're riding inside of a blow dryer :)

Donna said...

I love the fact that you use the gilet - and I adore the photo of you and Marc!

Doreen said...

You're an animal!!!!!!!!!
I feel like a wimp compared to this!!!
Running in 7 degree weather with the sun out is nothing compared to this!