Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This getting up at 2am business is starting to get old...and least I can embrace the quiet time and get stuff done. RIGHT??

I think I have had an epiphany about it though. Not only is it the time change having an impact in my internal clock but I am not training the amount of hours and putting the miles on my body like I was just a few weeks ago so my body does not require that much sleep. Maybe?
Seems like a good theory to me!

I am really happy to be back in the weight room (yes,  I am saying it again!) and cleaning  up the diet is having quick effects! My hands are starting to get calloused again (no gloves for me!) and "The Vein" is making an appearance again! 

While most of October was focused on running and planning for the marathon, I was easing into some circuit training and doing my own classes again (something I avoided during tri season). There is also this little Rev3 Abtastic Challenge I am doing with some of my Rev3 team mates and I have to be rocking a killer 6-pack for Knoxville (in May 2013) but I also have this little 200 mile run to complete in January.

So here is a peek of how things are progressing:

SEPTEMBER: my starting point. I was not happy with how "soft" I had become without weight training.

OCTOBER: dropped a bit of belly fat and starting to get back to a learner mid-section. Obliques and that lower V are starting to come around again...

NOVEMBER: (this week, so mid-November) two solid weeks of clean eating and lifting heavier than I have been. Throw in some high intensity circuit training and running/biking and we are finally seeing progress!

Seeing how my body has responded with and without weight training over for the last two seasons was an eye opener and I will work to KEEP it part of my regime next season. 

I have been asked many times about my tummy (considering what it used to look like). 
Yes, being fat heavy and carrying Lola to an astounding 42 weeks of pregnancy took it toll on my body, but luckily genetics are on my side with this one. I don't have any stretch marks on my belly from either life event...but neither did my Mother.

I also contribute it to my weight loss being slow and healthy. I was losing the weight slowly, I was eating nutritious foods and I drank a TON of water. I think this certainly played a role. 

I am also asked often HOW to get a lean belly.
You can crunch away until the cows come home but that is not going to do a thing for you if there is a soft layer of fat covering up those abs! So how do you get a lean midsection?

There is a little saying "Abs are made in the kitchen
What you eat and how you eat plays a huge role in this. Eating clean simply means eating REAL food. Ditch the processed stuff, get rid of the sugar- and sodium- filled foods. Alcohol needs to go too...look to eat lean proteins, lots of veggies (green ones!), fiber rich complex carbs and water, water, water! 

and while nutrition is 80% of the battle, you need to add in cardio (I love HIIT drills in conjunction with steady state cardio). Cardio is going to help rid the body of some of that fat and water covering up those abs! Core stabilizing cardio activities like kickboxing are a great way to have fun AND work your body!

you need the above two along with CORE specific training. You need to target the upper, lower and sides of your core. Twisting crunches, bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, planks...
I also like to incorporate compound exercises that force the core to work-a favorite being walking lunges holding a weight overhead and my all time favorite body-blasting exercise-
BURPEES!! (cardio blast-core engaging, upper body!)

So with less than two months until the Ragar Relay in Florida with my FFtFL crew and Knoxville a good 6 months from now, I've got a lot of work to do to get HERE...

So with that, I am off to work my abs at AnneMarie's Core Class and then I'll do some running and lifting. Getting up at 2am has it's benefits...I'll be ready to rock and roll at 5am.

What is your favorite CORE exercise?


Trigirlpink said...

lookin' good Jen!

KovasP said...

Great progress!

Melissa Cunningham said...

looking GREAT!!!!!
and my fav ab exercise would have to be pikes off the exercise ball....giant set with woodchops and planks with lateral alternating arm movement----or v-ups and weighted up and overs....
keep up your hard work,jen--no doubts that 6 pack will be there soon!

Erica Gorman said...

Thanks for the reminder to focus some more on my core....I have become lazy with the focus on running and marathon training.

Carolina John said...

Smokin hot baby! Yay great job!

Randi S said...


I lost 50 pounds (back up about 8 pounds) in 2010 and I eat as clean as we can afford, but it's still a lot of pasta and bread. *sigh*

I just can't seem to get rid of my tire.

Anonymous said...

aweome abs! Love side planks, headstands and handstands. Also leg raises (SLOWLY!)

Z@KickingKilos said...

great abs :)