Friday, August 31, 2012

Millionupledly Awesome

Wow, what a weekend.
Some extreme highs and some extreme lows.
The good was really good and the bad was a downright suckfest for sure.
But rest assured that there is plenty to talk about and I cannot wait to share my Rev 3 Maine race experience with all of you.
It was sooo awesome.

Not only did I have some really cool friends come all the way to Maine to visit and race

But I got to spend the weekend with my amazing Rev3 Family! I really loved all things Rev3 before this weekend, but after this race weekend, all of that love just doubled tripled quadrupled millionupled. Yes, that is my new word.

I had a heck of a race (hello awesome bike split!) and while I am cherishing that almost-19 minute PR, I am already nose to the grindstone on my next goal:
sub 5:30
a marathon in 8 7 weeks.

The crew from Media Meld studios was with me all weekend taping my antics, the race and filming my backstory of how I went from Fat to Fit. It was a really cool experience and it's good to revisit those days and see just how far I have come in a relatively short time. I actually felt very comfortable talking in front of the camera and had a lot of fun!

This is where I reach out to YOU! My cyberspace family...

with less than two weeks to go to raise funds on the Kickstarter page, we really need to make this project a reality!

So what is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" way to fund creative projects, which means each project must raise the full amount of funding they are seeking for the project to be backed. In the case of FF2FL, the producers of the film are seeking $50,000 in funding to make this project successful.
If you come on as a backer and we do not reach the $50k goal, YOU ARE NOT CHARGED A CENT.
If we are successful at reaching our funding goal, the project will continue and you will recieve your "backer award" depending on the amount you pledged.

For example, $25.00 in Kickstarter support will get you a copy of the DVD plus special features not available on the full length feature film, including training tips!

Our fundraising efforts will end with Kickstarter on Sept 13th at 9:00pm.
I will be doing my own sweet little giveaway to help us get there.
This will include a bunch of my favorite run things include Powerbar products and much more!!
From today until 9/13 at 9:00pm, if you back FF2FL, let me know!!

Message me at jsmalltri(at) and let me know you backed From Fat to Finish Line. You do not need to disclose the amount you helped with (unless you want to!) and I will put your name in the hat. If we reach our goal, I will pick THREE winners!!

Also, make sure you check out the FF2FL Facebook page, each Friday they are doing their own spectacular giveaway!!
Speaking of winners...come back tomorrow to find out who won the Caption Contest!!


Unknown said...

I can't wait to read your race report. It was so awesome to see you compete!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, congrats! I am always in awe of your "before" and "after" shots and can't wait to hear about your race and see the film!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You are amazing!