Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Run for Cash 5k RR

This weekend was the 7th annual Captain Christopher Cash Memorial 5k race.

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you know that this race is close to my heart.

Last year I got to know Capt. Cash's mother, Nancy after running this race; then I did The Run for the Fallen in Capt. Cash's honor.

This was such a fun race last year! It was Lola's first race, I snagged a 3rd place AG finish and had an amazing day all around. The Run for Cash 5k is one race I will each and every year until I cannot run anymore.

This year clouds and rain did not damper the spirits of the race or it's participants. I was happy to see such a big turnout despite roar of thunder and lots of rain.

Lola participated in the Kid's Fun Run. Last year it was a 50 yard dash for the kids. This year?? It was an entire lap around the track--A quarter mile!! And Lola did it with a smile in the pouring rain.

Ready to run! (the tee was too big for Lola!!)

She's ready to SPRINT!

Yeah-she totally chicked those boys by A LOT!!
I ran with her and as she started to slow down towards the finish, I pointed out the finish line and reminded her that she would get her medal once she finished.
That was all my little girl needed to hear MEDAL
She SPRINTED the rest of the way and was SO PROUD of her medal!!

Gotta show off the bling to Marc!

Showing Jim her medal

Soaked and cold but she has her medal!
Lola was soaked to the bone and freezing cold so Lola and her Daddy packed things up, headed home to warmth and dry clothes. Luckily, I had several friends there with me and could catch a ride home later if need be...or I could just run home.

It was time for me to warm up and get ready to run. I had some reasonable time expectations for myself on this race-modest expectations since I have not really done much speed work since a majority of my training has been volume focused around the Timberman 70.3!

I met up with my Dailymile friends, triathlon friends and ran around the venue a bit to warm up then it was show time!

BANG! and they are off!

The Leaders heading up the first climb of the course

The first mile of this race is a slight downhill to the ocean and then a sharp left. Felt great
Mile One split: 6:36

Then the course takes another sharp left and up you go through the main strip, a gradual climb. Things level out for a bit and then you hit the turn-around. This is when you start seeing the leaders heading back to the finish line! I love that!! Still feeling strong!
Mile Two Split: 7:37

After the turn you take a different way back though town, essentially all up hill climbs. Short climbs but continual. Hill, level out for a bit. Another hill, level, another hill. Then it is one final climb and take a right onto the finish. Felt good on all the climbs and glad to see my pace held.
Mile Three Split: 7:37 (hmmm-consistence!)

and then the final 1/10th split: 0:51 for a 6:41 pace

Post race with Jim

Happy Jen after snagging 2nd in AG

Official Race Time: 22:42
2nd place in Age Group
15th Overall Female
60th Overall

This is a new 5k PR for me and I beat my expected race finish time by over a minute!! So I am very pleased with how well this race went and I am hoping to bust this PR at next months Ocean Park 5k which is flat and fast!! I do have a specific number in mind but keeping that to myself for now!

Funny story-there is a local elite runner, Christine Snow-Reaser, who seems to be my good luck charm. Last year at the Kennebunk Beach 5k I attempted to keep pace with her the first mile in the pouring rain. This year, I was with her for a bit again in the pouring rain.
Each time I run with her in the rain, I set a new PR.
Of course, I had to tell her this after the race!!

Christine Snow-Reaser and me

I also want to congratulate my friends Marc, Jen R. and Kate who all set new 5k PR's themselves on that day!!
Jen R is all smiles! She later ran the Warrior Dash-so badass!!
Marc's PR Finish! I even got his official race time on "film"! wooohooo


The Dailymile Crew! Me, Kate and Jim
Now for all the guesses as to my final time!

The winner? Karien with a guess of 22:40-You were only 2 seconds off! Great guess!


Finallyfit2011 said...

Holy friggin 6:41!!! And I thought my 9:16 yesterday was amazing ha ha! CONGRATS on your PR Jen & I love the pics of Lola :) :) P.s. You DO know you will have to slow down when we run together right?

Melissa Cunningham said...

those pics pf lola are priceless!!!
AND way to PR!!!!

fancy nancy said...

Ok cuteness cuteness cuteness!! My daughter is running in a kids race next week....her first and I don't know who is more excited!

I am hoping to channel you speedy legs for my 5k the same day. Way to go speedy girl!!!

HD said...

I love those pictures of Lola! So precious :) I really need to get the kiddos started doing stuff like that. Congrats on your PR!!

Jason said...

Hello Lightning that is fast....great job.

Nobody Rocks like Jen Small Rocks!!!!!

Seeking Boston Marathon said...

Congrats on the PR!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the PR!!! Your FAST!!!

Molly said...

you are a speedster!!! Fabulous job...and Lola is so stinking cute.

Katie said...

Lola looks adorable! And congrats on your AG place!

Unknown said...

Holy smokes... you are one speedy lady! :)

And Lola is too freaking cute! Congrats to both of you!