Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Streaking!

Meet my new loves

The Streak II running shoe from Pearl iZUMi

When Outside PR told me that there were sending me a pair of Streak II's from Pearl iZUMi to review, I could NOT WAIT. I have been a fan or Pearl iZUMi cycling gear for a while and was quite excited to try their running line.

After a couple of weeks of stalking my UPS guy, THE box finally arrived. I tore into that box with the excitement and eager anticipation of a 5 year old opening gifts on Christmas morning. 
It was certainly LOVE at first sight--I immediately started planning on a test run as soon as hubby got home from work.

I mean, seriously-look at this shoe. So good looking.

The new women's Streak II has been completely overhauled this season to be even faster, lighter and more performance-oriented than ever. With a new lower profile midsole and lightweight upper, the Streak II is light enough for a 5k, but cushioned enough for a marathon. This is your new go-to PR shoe.

When I picked it up out of the box, I was surprised at just how light it was (just under 7 oz) and I was excited about the low heel drop (about 9mm).

Now, I want to back up a bit here--if you recall, back in January I suffered a minor knee injury (PFPS) and after seeking the advice of a professional (Jared at Orthopedic Associates PT), one of the issues he wanted to correct was getting me OUT of those big, built up shoes and into something lighter.
The Streak II fit that Rx!

I have been moving into more of a minimal shoe since my experience in PT and the Streak II did not disappoint. The shoe is comfortable, responsive and provides some cushioning while still allowing me to run properly (no heel striking in these!). There have been no compromises in comfort or style with this shoe. I also liked that the toe box was not narrow, it a bit more generous than some of the lightweight performance shoes I have tried in the past. I had no issues with tightness, rubbing or blistering at all. The laces do not come untied all the time like some running shoes I have worn, I did not even have to double knot them! I also like the that once you adjust the fit over the foot, it tends to stay put. This shoe is also very breathable.

I kept my first couple runs short (3 miles) to give my legs time to get to know the Streak. After a couple short runs in the Streaks, I tried adding some miles and was still pleased on how they felt in the 5-6 mile range. I ran in them for speedwork and I suffered no knee pain, no shin pain or any other type of pain anytime while running with these.

I do not have anything negative to report about the Streak II but I do want to note that in general this shoe runs small. I normally wear a ladies size 9 in a majority of running shoes and did go up to a size 9.5 in the Streak II as the Pearl iZUMi website suggested and it fit perfect. I would recommend going up a half size in the Streak II.
From the Pearl iZUMi site about fit:

RACE LAST- Note this shoe fits 1/2 size smaller than our standard fit. Please order accordingly.

I also noticed that while I have not put in a ton of miles on this shoe yet (~100 or so), the sole seems to be wearing down easily. So I will be see how many miles I log in this shoe.

Now that my body is getting used to a minimal shoe, the Streak II will not only be my choice for a racing shoe but also a training shoe. This is the perfect lightweight performance shoe that I have been seeking.
Sorry to say Kinvara (collective gasp!) but...I'm now Streaking!!


Unknown said...

Do you have Kinvara's as well?? I have them and have only run about 100 miles and the soles are wearing away, much faster than any other shoe. I know this is a reported problem, wonder if they fixed it in the 2.

Finallyfit2011 said...

Those are nice! Please tell me about this heal striking! I'm still not sure after all the differing things I've read about running form!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love streakers--great looking shoes!

Molly said...

Just by looking at the photo it seems like a light shoe. Enjoy your new love!

Quinton J said...

those shoes (with that outfit you're wearing) are super cute. you could suck at running and still be just fiiiiine wearing that.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I had tried a pair of these when they were 1st coming out with them because they were on sale. Now that I read your review maybe I ended up getting them too big, there was something that just didn't feel quite right so I they've just been hanging out int he back of my closet.

misszippy said...

Glad you liked them. They are cool looking, for sure!

Emz said...

first yes....dig the shoes.

second -- can I please have your arms. HOLY. freaking. cow. hello smith & wesson.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I received the same shoes recently and love them. When my husband picked up the box at the door he said that there was no way that there could be a pair of running shoes in there. They are light as feathers. I'm still getting used to mine. They are super cool looking.

Desert Rose said...


Carly said...

Lol. Love the pink.

Penny said...

Pretty cool shoes. Loving the color.

Jason said...

Uhh....HELLO PINK. Seriously could not have been a better color could there be.

Whoa....just noticed that you have 307 followers. Nice job girl b/c that means you have some great content.

Erika said...

I love your new shoes!!! They are so cute!