Monday, March 21, 2011

~Cupcake Miles~

One week ago on Monday, March 14th, The Cupcake Marathon kickoff started. I have now seen many, many bloggers taking part in this virtual race and I am so happy to see it getting so much support!

Here is my week one in review:
3/14: 3.1 miles (24 mins)
3/15: 2 miles (off the bike in 16 mins)
3/16: 5 miles (41 mins)
3/17: 2.24 miles (off the bike/cooldown)
3/18: no run
3/19: 8.85 miles (1h 28 mins)
Total 21.19 Miles

Certainly a very conservative week mileage wise-but I am sticking to my training plan and my promise to Jared!

Early in the week, I forget to get pics as "evidence" of my mile achievements and even sent Jason a tweet about it.

Then on run day two, I actually brought the digi camera to the gym with me to take pics of the TM readout-I did get a couple strange looks and a couple laughs. I can just imagine some of their thoughts! Now, mind you some of the members who don't KNOW me think I'm crazy anyway. This is an example of what thoughts cross their minds about me:
  • Who's that crazy girl running around doing all these jumpy things? (that would be plyo)
  • Does that chick know she is running BACKWARDS on that treadmill? (umm, yup!)
  • Why is that lady dripping wet with pool water and riding the bike like that? (it's called a brick workout people!! lol)
  • What is that gosh dang beeping contraption that keeps going off every 20 & 10 seconds? (that would be my trusty Gymboss interval timer during Tabata)

So yes, camera in hand, dripping in sweat trying to take a picture of the treadmill readout.
I logged 5 miles in 43:10 and felt fantastic! My picture-proof was a TOTAL fail-see for yourself:
A great shot of my HEART RATE!! Where is my 5 miles????

Then the thing shut off. Dang it!!

Thank goodness my friend and follow Cupcake Marathoner, Andrea was there as a witness to my fantastic 5.

Running Highlight of the Week:
On Saturday, I spent the day in Cambridge MA at MIT for the Multisport World Expo and we went for a run all over Cambridge and into Boston. What a day! Ripping winds but this was just a fun and fantastic run. The time just flew by...
8.85 miles of fun!!

So I still have a couple miles to get in to finish up my 26.2 for The Cupcake Marathon. Sunday was a rest day and I am taking today off since I am not feeling well. I think I will actually go lay down with my baby girl and take a nap.
Luckily, it was an easy training day today and I can just add those miles into the rest of the week.


Katie said...

wowza! great miles this week girlie!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I once asked if I could move a spin bike to the pool deck, I was told no, too bad, it made me sad, I thought it was a brillant idea

Nice week of running

Melissa Cunningham said...

hope you feel better soon!
thank you for your sweet comments on my post
AND i wish i would have know sooner about the cupcake did i miss it? i logged in 68 miles last week!!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Hi :) OMgosh I can finally post to your blog yay!!! LUV u cuz & can't wait - just 3 more months til I see u!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh,one more thing, i literally lol'd at your list of others ppl thoughts about you...
i get those same crazy looks on plyo and indoor brick days too....although i never tried going straight from pool to bike....
looks like i know what i might be doing this week.....thanks!

Jason said...

I love Boston. And running in Boston is awesome.

Congrats on getting your cupcake miles are awesome..


Molly said...

I have been driving myself nuts taking photos of my treadmill for race evidence! Glad I'm not the only one : )

EatDrinkBeRunning said...

New follower! You are hardcore, definitely an inspiration!

Rebecca said...

You are the one that made me sign up for the Cupcake Marathon! I finished today, but when I went to ypload my pictures, my 5 mile run had been deleted .... dang, fortunately, I blogged about it that night. Hope it counts ((biting nails)

Carly said...

Ahhh...the things we do for running. :-)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I love running in Boston even if not the Boston marathon. Hope you are feeling better today and great job on the CC marathon; you are almost done! The song on the video is by 4 Strings and it is called Summer Sun. I have a few of their CD's and they are really good, especially to workout to. Which reminds me ...i need to add a few of their songs to my blog playlist later.

Courtney said...

I love the mental pictures of "people's thoughts"!

Alex said...

Great mileage, Jen, even if that is conservative for you :)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I'm so crazy. I told you the wrong song title. That was the song I wanted to use but ended up using a song called Away (Peter Rauhofer Remix).

Jamie said...

You were at the multisport expo too?! Bummer, wish we coulda met up.

Oh well, hopefully we'll cross paths another time.

Anonymous said...

Ah, love naps. Hopefully it perked you up. :) Way to get all those miles in!

Emz said...

Freaking. Awesome.

Now. This. I. Must. Try.

Anonymous said...

Really good post!