Tuesday, September 4, 2012

VLOG: Rev 3 Adventure Race

You did get a chance to read about the Rev3 Pre-show, right?
Well, I have more pre-show leading up to the Maine Event (which is the race report).

Saturday morning was a little crazy and I found myself running around more than I had hoped. 
I had so many friends visiting and I really wanted to just hang out with each of them but there was just not enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to.

The afternoon was going to be jam packed with stuff at the Rev3 race site and Lola would be doing her first Rev 3 Kids Adventure Race and I was pretty stoked.

Here's my attempt to get Lola to talk about the race but she had other ideas (as usual). 

So here are some pics from the race (courtesy of Scott at Train Fat Boy Train
Make sure you check out his version of events race report!

Now Scott seems to think that Lola is trying to cheat here by getting an "edge" on the other racers.  

Scott's POV: You can see in this picture Jen's child already trying to get an advantage over everyone else by starting over the line. 

Clearly, this is not the case. She is simply stretching her hamstring out before her rocket like take off at "GO". I mean, really...she's the smallest one there!! 

Again, Scott claims this occurred: My child..the law abiding one..showing Jen's daughter where her feet should be. Also note how seriously Kristien and Jen are mapping out their path to victory.

It's obvious that Laila noticed that Lola was lucky #19 and her Dad was red green with envy. 

In the end, all of the kids won because it was FUN. But here are the First, Second and Third Place Teams. 

It was all about TEAM WORK!! 
and as a team
we smoked everyone else by a lot of minutes...


Fat Boy said...

Yes everyone was a winner!! This isn't soccer Jen..they smoked the competition..(and we should have one winner in the family since it ain't happening for Daddy at his races) let's just say the only losers were mom and dad since my daughter kept losing the purple whale she won as a prize and became hysterical each time..she lost it in Maine, then Massachusetts, then Connecticut and finally New York..some how it did find its way back to Colorado where I am sure it will be lost in her bedroom. I also thought it was funny how the kids would not take off their medals..

Matty O said...

She is so stinkin cute it's hilarious!

I agree w/ you, honestly the best race experience to date. All around a great weekend, the location, people, race, everything. I want to do it all over again :)

Heather-O said...

AWESOME! Thanks for the shout out, Lola! Too cute!

Jen Small said...

I do believe that I stated THEY SMOKED 'EM

Angela said...


Jason said...

Love the little one. I think I have her figured out though, well at least for one thing.

Her favorite # has to be 3. She said pepper 3x in the last video, she says good bye 3x in this video so that has to be her favorite number.

Appreciate the shout out too.

By now you are in Ohio (saw it on Facebook) so I am thrilled you got there safe. Have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Please do me a favor when you have a moment and update me on Dad. Appreciate it.

Have a great race.

Suz and Allan said...

Cute pictures of the kiddos at the finish line!