Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures in Cedar Point

...who knew Ohio could be so much fun?

I've been to (through) Ohio before, years ago when I'd drive across the the North-Eastern US to Indiana in the name of puppy-love. What do I remember about my times in the O-State? Lots of flat highway and the worst car fire I have ever witnessed on the side of said flat highway.

A couple weeks ago I got to experience a completely different side to OHIO while working with my Rev 3 peeps at the Cedar Point races. But this time there would be no driving for this girl. It was Thursday and I'd be flying from Boston right into Cleveland and then driving to Cedar Point (which will be called CP from here on out). Boarding the plane in Boston, I ran into (literally) the guy behind my favorite way to recover--Gilad from NormaTec-- and I got to chat with him for a bit and meet Dan (NormaTec Supermodel). Make sure you check out the ad in Triathlete Magazine!

I look strange because I am standing/balancing on an airport chair!
**just a little off-topic sidebar here** I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, especially in my 20's and I am a terrible traveler when it comes to packing. Can you say OVER KILL? Yes, I was THAT girl with the 12 bags for a long weekend in the Bahama's. Not anymore...I got through 5 days in Ohio with only my transition bag. It was the first time I flew without checking luggage!

I was especially excited to see Cleveland (from the airplane window for about 5 mins) and then meet up with the other Rev 3 peeps I would be driving with to CP. I was excited to see Lake Erie as I have not been to the Great Lakes and I could not really fathom that a lake could be like my ocean...with waves and all. It was somewhat comical driving into the CP Park because there is a small waterway/inlet and I was like "pffffst. This is NOTHING"...then we got to the other side of the park.

The not-so-big side of the lake, heading into the park

That's where it is, there IS a great big lake...

I made my way down to the race site and met up with my Rev 3 peeps! It was so nice to see all of them again and I was excited to be on the other side of the fence--working a race vs. racing.

To say that I gained a whole new level of respect and love for my Rev 3 family over the weekend is a total and absolute understatement. Everyone works so hard, works together as a team and helps whenever help is needed. I did not witness "that is not MY job" at anytime...if someone needed help, BOOM! The hours that everyone put in are pretty staggering too. My first night there we were WORKING till 1:30am...and I mean working...and it was FUN.

The whole weekend was long hours working and very few hours of sleep--something that this girl is not used to--and while it did take a toll on me following my return home, it was an amazing experience and one I cannot wait to do again.

I got to finally meet THE IRON COWBOY (aka James Lawrence) face to face. After communicating for the last two years via computer, it was great to finally meet him!! One giant highlight of my entire 5 days at CP was getting to see James at the swim exit. I yelled "GOOOO COWBOY" (I was so pumped!) and he actually stopped, turned around, came back to me, picked me up and gave me a giant wet swinging hug. It was really, really awesome!!

In case you live under a rock or don't follow triathlon, this was race #22 of 140.6 miles this season.  He has already set a world record and will complete 30 full distance triathlons this year for Quiet Way.

I also got to meet the very nice, very beautiful and very fast Kim Schwabenbauer, who turned PRO this year. Kim raced her way to a podium spot and a paycheck at CP! WOOT WOOT

Kim is also and RD and Coach and has been on MTV's Made! Check out her website at Fuel Your Passion.  
Kim, Me and Cowboy right after James' finish

Kim's Pro Poster at CP. Freaking HOT!

I also got to get ASSTASTIC with KATIE
she writes This Amazing Day and
we are both ponies in the Sonja Stable


I also got to meet Big Daddy Diesel

I got to see Kelly finish her first 140.6!!

and Shannon too!!

and another cool moment was meeting BIG SEXY.
Yeah, he's pretty sexy. We fell in love for a few minutes...

And I will finish this post right here. At my giddy girl school crush smile with Big Sexy...
because the party that was the finish line cheering in each and every single racer to 140.6 miles of awesome deserves it's own post.



FUN stuff!!
And 300 IMs in a year....all I can say is wow!! :)

Jen Small said...

Thanks Bob :) fixed that little typo

TriEric said...

And you met me with Diesel. You were so full of energy at the end of the day. Major props to you Jen.

Katie said...

LOVE all of this! Love it!


Lawrence is a facebook friend. 30 is pretty ridiculous. He is certainly a stud..

You want to see him on European Ironman? Copy the link below and go to 6:37 in the video. (I cant get enough IM stuff.... there is a whole 6 part series on Ironman TV if you type in "Ironman Europe 2012"

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You always look like you're having a blast! Can't wait to share a van with you in 3 months! (BTW, Kim looks like Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out on Bravo!)

Melissa Cunningham said...


Jen Small said...

Yes, Eric...I got to meet you too and you were pretty fippin' cool!!

and now that I know you have a blog, I can't follow your adventures until I return next year :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

It was great to meet you, see you at our reunion race next year.

Karen said...

Awww that looks like so much fun! Have been considering Cedar Point for next year... hmmm.. Looks like you had a great time. I don't know if I could do it for 5 days on one bag though. IMPRESSIVE!