Friday, September 21, 2012

It's about CANCER

A couple days ago, Ulman Cancer Fund and Rev 3 made the announcement that Lance Armstrong would be   participating in the HalfFull triathlon in Columbia MD on 10/7/12.

By now we are sure that you have heard that Lance Armstrong will be participating as a survivor in the Half Full Triathlon on October 7th. It's important to know that 100% of the entry fees go directly to The Ulman Cancer Fund. Our goal in being involved with this event has been and will continue to be, to raise funds and awareness for young adults battling cancer! It is our feeling that adding Lance to the field only helps to accomplish that goal.

To say that this has created a bit of controversy is an understatement and the things that have been posted on Twitter and Slowtwitch are pretty intense--on both sides of the fence.

The thing that people are not seeing here is that this is not about Lance Armstrong. This is not about racing. This is about raising money for a charity that helps young people with cancer. I hope that you never have to use the services of Ulman Cancer Fund or Livestrong but if you do, know that they are there to help you. And at the end of the day this is what it is all about. HELPING PEOPLE.

But here are some facts to ponder:
-Rev3 makes NO money from the HalfFull Tri. UCF is the charity that Rev3 supports. This year, much of the Rev3 staff and team ran across America in an effort to raise money for UCF.
-Lance is a participant in a charity event, he is not racing. He will be a part of the cancer survivor wave. He is not there as a profession athlete. He is there to lend support to Ulman Cancer Fund.
-Lance is not accepting any kind of "appearance fee"

“This race is a great example of what cancer survivorship is all about – not just surviving this disease, but truly living life on your own terms. My Foundation is proud to support the Ulman Cancer Fund and the great work they’re doing on behalf of young adult cancer survivors.” ~ Lance Armstrong

“Half Full has always been about raising awareness and resources to support our programs in the young adult cancer fight,” said Ulman Cancer Fund COO and Half Full Race Director Brian Satola. “We thank Lance and the rest of our athletes for supporting an event that will enable us to change countless lives.”

I love what my team mate Alexander had to say about this:

I couldn't be prouder to say I am a Team Rev3 Triathlon Member ...especially after the announcement today about allowing Lance to race...
My feelings about Lance Armstrong don't matter. What matters are the kids in this world who battle cancer. Everyone, pick your BATTLES (pun intended) wisely. 
Thank you REVOLUTION3 Triathlon (REV3TRI) for making a decision, although controversial, to help people beyond the sport of triathlon. At the end of the day, who really cares if Lance raced or didn't race; ultimately so much more funds will be raised and publicity gained for such an amazing cause, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

And I will close this post with a quote directly from Charlie, the man behind Rev3:

Take sport out of this.  This is about young adults fighting cancer.  The PR generated today has brought Ulman a level of exposure that is significant.  If this is able to help just one more person fighting cancer, then i'm for it.  Sometimes my business, Rev3 is about people and not about triathlon. 


ltlindian said...

Go Lance! Go Rev3! Go Livestrong! Go Ulman Cancer Fund! If I were closer I would sign up for this race NOW just to say I participated in a race that Lance did. He is awesome, has overcome cancer and still did unbelievable things. I think he is an inpiration and I hope his appearance/participation brings in so much $$$$ for the charity.

Everyone else who is all in a tizzy about this should go worry about something else.

fancy nancy said...

It's too bad people get caught up in the drama and fail to recognize the amazing things that Ulman is doing for those who struggle with cancer. Lance knows cancer and is just supporting a great organization.

Anonymous said...


As you know I've been fundraising for UCF before they were partnered with Rev3, and I'm doing this race, and have long before Lance signed up. My point is this; it impacts the sport negatively because some race directors will see this as a reason to spurn the rules of our sport (which we have for a reason).

Here's the real issue though: If all of this were really about cancer to Lance, he wouldn't have waited until now to put this on his schedule. He wouldn't have been working towards personal goals instead.

That said as a longtime UCF fundraiser, the fact that he's not taking an appearance fee (which is very unusual for him) and he isnt taking money from the pro's pockets it's not as bad as it could be.

But I guarantee you he could have the exact same affect on attendance by announcing he was coming to the race, doing a speech, autographs, and handing out medals. He could honor the spirit of the ban, and the spirit of fair competition. He has never been about following the rules of fair sport and he still isnt.

No thought was given to the folks who fundraised all year as to whether or not they'd want to participate in an event with a doper and liar of Armstrongs repute. No thought was given to those who fundraised all year where this might have been the race that qualified them for USAT nationals, maybe their last chance for the year.

I find this disturbing on a lot of levels, and I thought seriously about pulling out of the race. If it werent for the people who donated to support me telling me to go and to be the cleanest racer there, I wouldnt be going.

Jen Small said...

I am not here to debate the merit's of LA. I have read your posts on ST, Twitter, etc. I know very well how you feel about it.

If you came here to debate the issue with me or try to sway my support then you missed the entire reason for this post.

If you raised so much money for UCF and you were going to bail just because Lance is going to be there well that's pretty sad. As someone who raised money for the cause and supports it, I would think that YOU would be the one to see beyond the politics.


not Lance
not bans
not sanctions

Matty O said...

Great post Jen. Totally agree with you here.

Ben, you sound like someone who only sees things the way you choose to see them and not open your eyes to the world around you.

Why is Lance participating side by side w/ other survivors? To be a part of something huge, to motivate, to inspire. Doping aside, lying aside (I'm not saying he did or didn't do either) his mission is to raise awareness and be a part of fund raising for cancer research and cancer patients.

I do A LOT of work w/ TNT which benefits LLS. Any money donated to cancer charities help countless people. If you are as arrogant as you come off w/ your comment Ben, I question your real motives for fundraising for the UCF. I have fundraised for years and know for a fact that exposure of your charities and your events bring in a LOT of money and awareness.

In the end, who gives a shit about Lance's athletic performances? It is not about Lance. Stop making it about him and remember the real reason for this event.

Anonymous said...


My point exactly. My fundraising already happened, my racing wouldnt impact that. lance could have impacted this race in the same way without racing and bringing the need for political discussion, but he didnt do that. thats the part that shows that to him it really isnt about cancer. Im glad UCF will benefit but I dont have to like what it does for the sport. I still respect charlie, rev3, and UCF, but I dont have to like this part of it one bit.

Runner Maybe said...

I wish people would look past the mistakes of a person and look a the charity like you said! I wam walking for the SGK 3-day walk and I have had to explain to so many people that the choices at the HQ - have no impact on the walk I am doing in San Diego...that 75% of the funds raised in san diego stay in San Diego for local communities programs and 25% of goes to research. I wish people would know the facts before the resfuse to help. Thanks for posting this.

inspirunning said...

Lance has done amazing things for cancer research and awareness and that's something no one can take away from him. I will always respect him for that. I think it's great he is participating... he is very close with Livestrong CEO Doug Ulman who started the UCF and I respect his support for Doug's non-profit, which is a great cause!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

What an awesome post and I try to stay out of the drama of LA. What I can say is that he has contributed to cancer awareness and that he has inspired youth to get out and be active. And for that I am indeed grateful.

Cancer is so much about the people and families affected. I will gladly keep my mind focused on them and not the personal drama of others since in all reality, we all have some drama in our lives.

Thanks for posting this.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

God Bless anyone who has had cancer and those who are helping to fight it, no matter how small your part may be. Seeing my mother and mother-in-law fight cancer was the hardest things to watch, but to see a child endure it, imaginable.

Karen said...

No matter how you feel about Lance, he is a huge force behind fundraising for this cause. I don't see why it is such a huge issue. The event is a fundraiser. Wouldn't you want a powerhouse name behind it? It just makes sense.

Maggie said...

YES YES and YES!! Everything you said above! Can't believe some people just aren't seeing the bigger picture.