Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rev3Maine Awesomeness (and a winner)

I don't even know where to start on the chonicle that is Rev3Maine Weekend!

Wednesday night I went down to the race site to get in a swim and several of the Rev3 peeps had arrived and I was getting SOO psyched for the weekend. This race has been on my calendar since last fall when they announced it and it was finally HERE!

Thursday morning while out on my ride, I hit up the bike course for a final ride and the big Rev3 trucks had arrived! WOO HOOO More excitement. I got to chat with a couple Rev3 friends and knew I'd have to bring Lola right down to see her favorite Rev3'er, the beautiful and fabulous Laura!

Thursday when I got to finally pick up the friends arriving at the airport--but there was a small twist to the plan. Mama Bear herself needed a ride to the race site from the airport and I was happy to provide transportation!!

Jason and Scott did not get in for quite a bit so Carole made sure to make good use of the time by teaching Lola some karate.

Scott and his family, Kristine and Laila all arrived safely and then it was Jason's turn. One more Rev3'er needing help, Pat (could listen to that brogue all day long!). With the help of my friend/training partner/coaching-guinea-pig, Marc everyone was well taken care of and made it to the  places they needed to be!

Friday was promising to be a full day so it was time to get home and get to bed!

The first order of business was to get out to the Rev3 swim site and introduce Jason to (not-so) cold Atlantic ocean water. While the rest of us marvelled at how nice the water temps were, Jason was a tad cold but manned-up quite well and was swimming just fine.

At the swim I got to meet up with another team mate I have been dying to meet, Joshua. Who, in my opinion is just freaking awesome sauce. Not just as an athlete (congrats on London!!) but just an all around decent human being who has overcome his own obstacles in life and is living healthy now.

This is team mates Kristen and Joshua on race morning,
picture lovingly hijacked from Facebook :)

So Friday brought more fun at the Rev3 site, getting to see my team mates, friends and just enjoying hanging with some really cool people.

And speaking of cool people, two new cool people rolled into my life this weekend too.
Jen and Angela.
Jen is a fellow blogger and we have been in contact via social media for at least a year or a year and a half. Jen is the gal who invited me to be a part of the From Fat to Finish Line film and the Ragnar Relay team in the first place. Jen is also the Executive VP of Program Development at Media Meld Studios and Angela is the President of Media Meld, the company producing the documentary.

They were able to schedule a visit to Maine to get some footage of the Rev3 Maine race and start getting some back story on my journey (more on that later).

The best part of their visit is Jason had NO IDEA that Jen was coming to Maine for the weekend. They have gotten to know one another through this lovely little thing called social media as well.

I also got to experience THIS awesome bomb!!

with Jason (me) Heather and MATTYOOOOOO!
I seriously don't think I could have been more delighted to spend time with such awesome people. My energy was on EXPLODE and I was SOOO ready to race!!

Dinner was a crew of us at Jimmy The Greeks

Thanks to all who commented on the Caption Contest!

The winning caption is:

"Um, Mommy? I think you need to add shower to that awesome training plan from Coach Sonja!"

Wendy Nitschke please email me at jsmall14(at) and I will get you hooked up with some Foggle and TriSlide!!


Jen said...

Awesome!! This was such a great experience and I'm so happy that I got to do this. I can't wait for my return to Maine!! I think this trip really made Ang and I catch the tri bug too…

Beal88 said...

Awesome job Jen! See you next week in O-H-I-O!