Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What are YOU eating??

Do you struggle with over eating this time of year?
Do you use the Holiday's as an excuse to eat whatever you want?

There are some many events going on all around us and usually there is food involved.
The office party.
The neighbors party.
The friends party.
The family gatherings.
Thanksgiving Dinner.
Christmas Eve appetizers.
Christmas Day Dinner.
New Years parties.
Food, Food and more Food.
It's never ending.

The average American gains 8lbs per Holiday season.
No thank you. That is one "gift" I would return!!
Now, don't get me wrong. I believe that having a treat, in moderation, is a good thing. I plan for them (usually). I'll eat pizza but load it with veggies and have it with a large salad. This season, I have lots of added incentive to keep my nutrition on track and keep from over indulging.

I wanna shed those few pounds that crept on after tri season.
I want to be faster this year and lighter = faster!
Oh, and Coach has set up a little challenge for us!!

We need to keep and honest food log from NOW until Christmas Eve.
Just what I needed.

How is this for perspective?
One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth is to write it down. Face it, writing down "brownie" and then five minutes later "another brownie" and then 10 minutes later "yet another brownie" has a way of preventing you from going too too crazy ~Coach

So I upped the ante for myself and I'll be putting my FOOD LOG right here on my blog.
See that little tab at the top?
The one that says #logmyfood
Yup, that one. You will find EVERYTHING I consume between now and Christmas Eve.

So feel free to check on me and see what I am eating.
Feel free to harass me via Twitter, Facebook, comments here if need be.

Or if you're feeling brave, start your own!! (leave me the link if you do!)

Oh, and speaking of parties!!~
I'm only 7 followers away from the 400 Follower Celebration!!


ltlindian said...

wow jenn, that is brave! You will surely get motivation to eat properly when the whole bloggy world can see it! Good luck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have only gained 0.4 so far, I am happy I guess

Food journal is a good idea

Did you see my FB post, its cool and I thought you might have an thought on it

Jen said...

WOW - Jen you are a brave woman! I have taken to writing down my food lately (ala Weight Watchers) again to keep my head in the game but to make it public? Don't know if I can follow those footsteps!

But it is a great idea to keep accountable!

TriMOEngr said...

I've basically been keeping a food log on my blog to track HBBC points. I may skip something small here or there, but I'm trying to be pretty brutally honest for my own good. I mostly notice that my MMNW (Monday Morning Naked Weight) is usually about the highest of the week! Gee, do you think my holiday parties on the weekends are getting the better of me or what?!

Jason said...

I have gained 5 since Vegas and I'm none too happy about it so I started a food log two days ago myself and I am shedding these pounds if it kills me.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I may add a tab to my blog too. I'm afraid I'll get unfollowed on Twitter if I keep tweeting my meals. Ha!

Alisa said...

This challenge is awesome!

I usually track my food for one week a month but maybe I'll go with now and until Christmas!

Missy said...

Bless your heart you are a brave woman!
You are gonna kick some holiday lb's to the curb for sure.

Carolina John said...

sounds like work to me! I'm hoping to avoid the holiday 8 by running through the whole thing.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

You rock! I would love to join in but honestly, don't know if I will find the time. You are an amazing inspiration though!

Katie said...

we are awesome, that is all :)

Laura said...

Good for you! Written accountability is such a great way to stay on track. Happy healthy eating!

Karen said...

I may have to join you on the food log train. This time of year is so tough! My Dad just called to tell me what we were having for Christmas Dinner - not one healthy option to be had... ugh. Help me!