Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fitmas Gifts

Can you believe Christmas is next weekend??

I am done most of my shopping and I have just a few little things to pick up and I will be done! Now, to get it all wrapped up. I just love wrapping the gifts, I think it is my favorite part!!

I wanted to put together a list of simple and inexpensive Holiday gift ideas for the fit person in your life or maybe even for you. Or me. I love all of these things and I think you will too!


For the Triathlete/Runner/Cyclist in your life:

From SBR Sports, Inc

I discovered this little gem this summer and there are no more stick glides in my life anymore. So easy to use, no chafing and gets that wetsuit off in record time! Plus it's a great anti-chafing spray to use for running (goodbye chub-rub!), on your feet or on your bra line.
Definitely a multitasking spray not limited to wet suit use.

The Venus Spa Breeze razor
From Gillette

Dudes (legs only please) and chiks will LOVE this razor!!
The lubricating edges guarantee a smooth shave and the way the head flexes on the contours of the leg. No razor nicks or cuts.
Balega Enduro Socks
From Balega
No blisters, they last forever and just all around comfy!!
Pick up a couple pairs-the perfect stocking stuffer!
From SBR Sports, Inc.
Another winner from SBR. Use these on your swim goggles before a swim, on your glasses before a ride or run (or anytime you head out) and you will be clear from the fog! Not only do they apply an anti-fog to your lens but they clean them as well. Double win!!
Each wipe can be used multiple times so they last a long time. I keep a couple stashed in my swim bag, on my bike and in my car.
You gotta love the company's motto "I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow"
Seriously, best line ever! and they keep their promise. With workouts named "A Very Dark Place", "Downward Spiral" and "The Hunted" you can be sure you are getting your money's worth. Make sure you have a towel and bucket ready.
Bonus: The price is actually quite low ($11.99) compared to some other indoor cycling videos I have seen. 
From Tough Chik
I have two. Black and hot pink.
I need four.
I'll wear the dry one while the wet one gets washed or it hangs to dry. SERIOUSLY.
I actually have three visors in active rotation right now (Tough Chik black, Tough Chik pink and Rev 3 Quassy).
I babied my pink one for weeks, I wanted to keep it my "dressy visor" (did I just write that?? yup, I did). The Tough Chik visor is also loaded with good mojo. They don't advertise this on the site, but it's true. I wore one for every single race this season. GOOD MOJO
I love HeadSweats hats and visors-the quality is A+ yet they are so easy to care for. Just toss it into the washing machine and they come out looking brand new. They keep the sweat out of your eyes but keep your head open to the air for killer ventilation on hot days. Grab one of the active gal in your life.
Not a visor kind of gal?
well you can't go wrong with a tee shirt from Tough Chik!!
Family Fun and Fitness
From Haywire Group
Want to have some active family fun and laugh hysterically? Flickin' Chicken is the perfect way to get the family together for some fun.
The object is to land your chicken on the target in the least amount of throws. Think golf with rubber chickens...yes, hilarious! The chickens bounce and roll so it's a lot harder than it appears.
Lola and I have had SOOO much fun playing this game all summer and now, we brought it indoors for the cold weather. She makes up her own rules and we always have a blast.
Flickin' Chicken was nominated for The Outdoor Toy of the Year in 2011.
Make Your Own Medal Hanger!

I came across this post from Lauren at {Sweat Junkie} where she purchased some pretty and funky knobs and made her own medal hanger!!

I thought this was such a brilliant idea and what racer would not want to hang their bling from a hanger that was made by their loved ones?? I know that if little miss Lola made me one, I would treasure it always (hint hint!!)

Also, what a fun family project to do together. This is really a win/win.
I hope you enjoyed my list of Fitmas ideas!!
What is sitting at the top of YOUR wish list??


ltlindian said...

I might have to pick up Flickin' Chicken tomorrow. Looks freakin' hysterical.

Melissa Cunningham said...

loved your gift ideas...especially the tough chick visors--im a hat/visor gal and i literally LOL'd when i read you had 3,and wanted to keep your pink as the "dressy" one...girl,i do the SAME thing!!!!! so im not the only one,ha!!!
oh and the cycling video-although im not an avid cyclist just yet,(but oh yes,the dark side is calling)the name of the workouts alone,are just speaking volumes to me now!!!

so i may getting my own xmas gifts this year-running shoes and workout pants/tops were on the top of my list this year,but i think a new TM a,medal hanger and that tough chick visor may have taken the lead....

anyways,keep up your hard training,hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I forgot what I want to say because I am fascinated with Flickin Chicken!!! OMG I need it, I dont know if I will ever use it, but I need it

ps trislide rocks

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yes, we do think alike! I'm all over your list!! Fabulous!

TriMOEngr said...

As a newbie, I have a LONG list. So far, Santa picked up some Bodyglide (Trislide wasn't available although I'll watch for it another time) and some Yankz laces to stuff in my stocking. Foggle was also on the stocking list, but I have to order it as it isn't available around here. Santa also picked up a pair of running tights, padded cycling tights, LS compression top, and LS running top. Still so many items on my wish list (road or tri bike, wetsuit, race fees, USAT membership, swimsuit, etc). Thanks for your ideas! I may steal some of these.

Alisa said...

Flickin Chicken made me laugh! If I wasn't done shopping for my nieces and nephews I would have looked into this!

I love Tri swim products, can't wait to try out Foggle!

Jamie said...

I feel like TRISLIDE was designed for that awkward moment while setting up your transition area and the sasquatch-looking guy racked next to you asks to borrow your lube.
Imagining him returning a deodorant stick covered in back hair is reason enough to love spray-on trislide.

Katie said...

ohhh, i need some of those visors! love it!

Laura Wheatley said...

love the list!!! great job!

misszippy said...

Never heard of those goggle wipes before, but boy could I use them! Thanks for all the ideas.

I am looking for a new yoga mat--tired of using the disgusting ones at the gym!

Heather-O said...

I wish I was done with Christmas shopping....haven't even started yet! Thanks for the great gift ideas!

Teamarcia said...

Yay a Tough Chik and Balega girl! Love!
That game looks hilarious, although as a teen I worked at a Fried Chicken place. May seem like old time to me!

trifitmom said...

love the dyi medal hanger....

Lauren {sweat junkie} said...

Thanks for the mention :) Flickin' Chicken sounds hilariously fun!!

Suz and Allan said...

Great gift ideas! I've never heard of several of these things.

Robin said...

Love the Touch Chiks visor and shirt! Definitely need to get one of those.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this list. Lots of good things for me to try. I definitely see the TriSlide and Foggle in my near future. Thanks!

Jason said...

TriSlide is a MUST for any triathlete. As is the Foggle and for me the shampoo, conditioner and body wash from SBR Sports is also a must but only purchased on 40% off day.

I am addicted to Sufferfest and can't stop talking about it. Can't wait for the next ride to get going again on that.