Friday, December 30, 2011

The Power of BELIEVE


I had an entire post written and planned around BELIEVE but I have scrapped that and I am, instead taking it in a completely different direction. I also want to dedicate this post to a couple people
This amazing collage was a gift from my gal, Dawn

Colleen-may the power of BELIEVE bring you all your heart (rate) desires in 2012! BELIEVE in the process.

Dawn-because you, my dear friend, I will always BELIEVE in and I thank you for being by my side for every step of 2011's unbelievable year!!

Mandy-who knew that a day in the sun with friends would set the ball in motion the way it did. You are amazing and there are no thank yous big enough.

Jason-because you are just a giant ball of energy, motivation, inspiration and perspiration. Thank you for being my long distance cheerleader!!

Big Daddy Diesel-BELIEVE, always...thank you to my invisible twin brother. Go get it in 2012!!

Last year I set sail into 2011 with a long list of very specific goals as well as a handful of dreams and "what ifs".
The most important lesson that I learned on my journey from FAT to FIT is that you must believe in yourself. You must know with your heart that you can achieve what you set out to achieve.
Some of my goals were simple-PR's, complete my first half iron distance tri, etc.
Some goals were more complex and some did not have a time limit.
And some things were unexpected opportunities that turned out to be amazing!!

My "word" for 2011 was BELIEVE.

I wore it on a chain around my neck.
It was written inside my little planner.

I made a promise to myself to BELIEVE~
To BELIEVE in me.
To BELIEVE in the process.
To BELIEVE that your dreams can become a reality.
and to BELIEVE that 2011 was going to be an amazing year of learning, growth and new friendships.

2011 delivered more than my little heart ever could have asked for. Goals were achieved, dreams-BIG DREAMS-became reality and every single day was just jammed packed with awesome.

After living in the dark for so many years, to finally be living in the LIGHT and having learned to LOVE myself, to have the ability to BELIEVE that I can do this has changed my life tremendously.
in 2011 I chose to BELIEVE and it delivered tenfold.

What amazing things can happen to you once you BELIEVE??


Jason said...

I am honored and very humbled to be included in this list and to think that I can have any kind of influence on such a positive person is beyond measure.

Thank you for being you. I feed off your energy and it is contagious.

misszippy said...

How much do I love this post?! So great. You are going to do fantastic things in 2012. Believe.

I happen to be wearing an endorphin warrior bracelet with that same word on it. It's going to buoy me through the coming year.

Robin said...

Believe is such a powerful word....and if you truly believe then there is no limit.

Colleen said...


Thanks so much Jen! Can't wait to meet you and give you a giant hug! :)

Mark said...

Love it! I believe so much sometimes that it feels like I jedi mind trick people into believing with me.

Keep rocking the belief in the new year.

Caratunk Girl said...

You are truly amazing and I am so thankful that we are friends.

I have next week off. Let's plan on a meet up. Not tuesday. Other than that I am open.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this post! Sounds like you've had a fantastic year.

My word for guessed it, BELIEVE! Just this past month I purchased the "Believe in Yourself" charm from Fashletics and have been wearing it everyday.

Can't wait to see how your 2012 unfolds!!

Missy said...

Amazing post!!
I can't wait to see what 2012 hold for you.
Keep dreaming!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I always count my blessings for awesome friends like you, I will make you proud from the motivation from this post

Tangy @ Fitwith3 said...

So proud of you Jennifer!!

Beal88 said...

Great post!! Cheers to a great 2012!!

Chloe said...

Great post! Believe is such a powerful word - you can move freaking mountains if you believe you can! Cheers to 2012!!

Swim Bike Mom said...

Amen sister. I love it. I love it. I love it. There's so much about that move: just believing. You gots it right! Happy new year, lady! Thanks for continuing to inspire.

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

Great post, Jen. That one word is so powerful. Thank you for this.

Carole Sharpless said...

So inspirational..... you GO, girl!!