Monday, December 5, 2011

Techy Voodoo Jinx

I wonder if all this time in the pool is giving me technological voodoo jinx??

Maybe being wet for so long is causing me to short out any electrical devices?? I have had NO LUCK this last week with anything technical.

Last weekend, hubby put our desktop in peril with a virus that caused lots of damage and several hours were spent cleaning it up.

Then THIS weekend, the keyboard on my laptop just went kaflooey and stopped working. No rhyme or reason, just STOPPED. While I was in the middle of a document. Luckily, Dell is going to take care of this little problem but that means I will be laptopless for about a week. All my Garmin training files, Training Peaks device manager, Tanita scale stuff, picture files, music, etc are in there. CRAPTASTIC!!

Then today, I went to use my barely a year old iPod Nano and blam! that little thing stopped working too!!
Anyone have a 10 year old then can lend me to fix all of this techy stuff??

So other than my innate ability to destroy anything electrical, at least my training is going great.

I am having lots of fun, enjoying trying new things and I am stepping outside of my comfort zone with swimming. I will run and bike to the point of puking on any given day but for some reason I don't ever push myself that hard in the pool. I'll swim easy and long but I would avoid any kind of tough swim workout. That's changed.
I am sure there is lots of change on the horizon for me with training this season.
Quassy is only 6 months away and while I don't have any specific time expectations for this race, I do want to be strong and finish happy. And with my quads intact!! I am confident that I have found the Coach who is going to get me there.


In other news, as of this writing I am at 386 blog followers. If you recall, when I hit 400 followers there is going to be a HUGE giveaway celebration to celebrate this epic number!!

Cool stuff from Tough Chik, Triathlon Rocks, Tommie Copper, and some other great surprises!!

So get your friends to follow if they don't already. If a new follower leaves me a comment telling me that YOU referred them, you each get a bonus entry into the giveaways!


Rene' said...

I should send you my 11 year old daughter. He computer/tech skills constantly amaze us. ( and not always in a good way)

Caratunk Girl said...

Man that sounds so frustrating with the tech stuff!!! Can I borrow that 10 year old to fix my garmin?

Ohh 400 follower giveaway sounds FUN

Alisa said...

I don't have a 10 year old but a tech savvy hubby to help out =).

I can't wait to start sharing training plans with everyone. I need some new inspiration. Right now, like you, I'm enjoying new things. I'm giving myself the next couple of months to continue to rehab my foot, get lean and strong, then I'm going to HIT IT!

misszippy said...

I always pretend that I'm ok without all the technology, but in a situation like yours, I know I'd be a mess! We need it!

Get your followers!

Suz and Allan said...

I just tweeted so hopefully you will get some new followers! Hooray for being so close to 400!

Missy said...

My sweet little toddler dumped a whole glass of water on my laptop, the only computer we have, on Sunday. AWESOME.
Upside? I got a new laptop and I duct taped the little guys arms to his side. ;-)
I can't seem to push myself in the pool either and when I do I don't think I go any faster just make bigger splashes. heehee

Jen said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear about your techie woes. That stinks.

Congrats on getting so close to such an epic number of followers! That's amazing!!

David Criswell said...

Bummer about the tech problems! If you don't already have it, check out the TrainingPeaks mobile app options for iPhone, Android and mobile website. You can't upload data that way but could at least get access to your schedule and record workouts/nutrition.

Happy training!


JenniferLeah said...

Thanks Dave for stopping by the hlep me out with that :) I'm getting all my workouts recorded and will load the Garmin data when the laptop returns :)