Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wormy Circles

Last week I had another training day at the track.
Running the track is actually a new kind of training for me (told ya I was doing new, fun stuff) and I can actually count the number of times I have run on a track post high school-which is three, not including my last two prescribed track sessions.

It appears that rainy Wednesdays are really good days to run on the track or at least that is the way things are turning out! The previous week's 8.5 miler was just after torrential rains, but it was a balmy 60* and ended up being quite a nice run. I was dodging puddles and tons of earthworms- the rain brought out the little pink slimy guys and they were all over the track. I felt so bad for all the little buggers I crushed. And the sea gulls were crowding the lanes, having themselves a tasty morning snack. But I was running in shorts and a tee shirt in MAINE in NOVEMBER. This is epic stuff!! Plus, concentrating on what I was doing (HR zones) was distracting from the fact that I ran in wormy circles over and over again. I walked off the track feeling good and thinking, that did not suck.

The next track session was longer, a little more intricate and the weather was not as  friendly. It was barely 39*, drizzle to start and by the middle of my session it was full on RAINING.
Cold, wet rain.
My feet were wet, my hands were cold and I was really trying to nail the pace that Coach had set for me. I kept going out way too fast on the 800's so it was a cat and mouse game with the pace.
But at no time during this run did I think:
I mean, yeah. Running on a track is not my first choice. Neither is running in the rain, and COLD rain at that.
While I was running though, I was thinking about my goals for 2012 and beyond. I was taking a walk down memory lane being at my High School and all (has it really been 20 years??? damn) and then I thought about change.

How much I have changed. How much my mental attitude has changed.

Just a few years ago I would not not walk from my front door to the car in the cold rain without complaining.
And here I was NOW.
Running 10 miles,
on a track,
in the cold, pouring rain.
There's a change for ya.
And I was doing this without prodding, without negotiation. I was doing this because I wanted to. Because I knew that this would make me better, stronger. I mean, no one training session is going to change you physically but jumping over those mental hurdles can.

So here's to doing something new
Stepping out of your comfort zone
And running in Wormy Circles

How did you bring POSITIVE change to your life recently??


Matty O said...

Hold on here... you ran on the track... and did NOT hate it?

Uhhhhh I think I need to read this post a few times to find out HOW you were able to manage that.

I have not run on a track ONCE since college. I will NOT go back to a track any time soon haha. They are more evil than dreadmills!

Nice work though, keep a positive attitude!

misszippy said...

This is great change! Way to go. I like the track for speedwork, but I prefer that I do it with friends. By yourself is really mentally tough, so hats off!

Tonya said...

Great work girl :)

TriMOEngr said...

The public isn't allowed on my high school's track (and yes, it has been 20 years!) But the multisport club the next city up does track nights once/week so I might try to add those once I can fully run (still doing a lot of run/walk). But you're giving me something to shoot for as I can't imagine liking a cold, wet run like that.

Finallyfit2011 said...

I am feeling reprimanded (sp?) cuz it's pouring down rain & I'm NOT out there :\ Yikes! Good job girl!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, I hate the track, you are so hardcore

Jason said...

I love my speed sessions at the track. I am there at 5am with nobody but this other dude that shoots hoops for about an hour and then just runs on the inside of the track for what seems like forever.

I love having him there b/c I use him as the rabbit I'm chasing.

I never ran on the track in high school or college but now that I'm doing this I love the track and will say I enjoy it way more than the treadmill.

Keep up the great work my friend. Love seeing your progress.

Katie said...

Every time I've been on the track in the last 3 months it has been either raining or freezing. Maybe I am cursed!

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Great job! Those worms are boys would have loved them!

Caratunk Girl said...

Yeah, that sounds like hell to me, 8 miles on a track - but better than a TM!!! :) Good for you though, that is some mental toughness training going on right there!!!!

After the holidays, you, me get together and do something????

Heather-O said...

Did you wash the worm guts off your shoes? ;)

Way to turn a negative into a positive!