Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five Guys with Three Gals

I've been a little light with the blog posts the last couple of weeks but really, the the only thing going on is training, working and then prepping for Christmas. I'm sure a post or two about my training would be fun but who wants to read that EVERY SINGLE DAY-

But in more exciting news, last week it was my birthday!! I am now 38 years old and for a handful of days, my actual age and my USAT age will be the same. Sadly, this means that this coming 2012 season is my last in the 35-39 age group then I'll be running with the BIG GIRLS like the amazing Ange. I better get my behind on the podium as much as I can THIS year because then I'll be up against some killer competition in 2013.

So to celebrate this no-so-epic birthday milestone, Lola treated me to this surprise when I came home from work on Wednesday night- she made me some healthy banana muffins (with a bit of help from Daddy)
Lola was SO PROUD of her Birthday Surprise!!

We're kooky and krazy!!

Psssssst! take that 38

Then on my birthday, my bestie Dawn (who is making her debut in the 40 age group in 2012) had a heck of a day planned for my birthday. Wanna woo me with food? One word: BURGERS or Two Words: Burgers AND Fries.

Forget fancy menus written in french. Who needs cloth napkins and vintage wine?
Give me plastic utensils, paper napkins and plastic straws in which to sip my iced tea any day of the week.

Give me a good ole juicy and messy burger anytime! So Dawn, wanting to properly woo me on my birthday,  planned a trip up to Portland to visit the new Five Guys burger joint. The line was literally to the door and there was not a single table available. Lucky for my tummy, the line moved fast and before we knew it, we had a seat.

We munched on peanuts in the shell until our order was ready. Totally.Worth.The.Wait.

I was wickedly wooooo'd!!
At least I put some veggies on it

It was Fan-Freaking-Tastic.
And messy.
And they had Peak Iced Tea.
And malt vinegar for our fries.

Yup, burger and fry love.

Bonus: It's Lola approved

After that gastric orgasm, we ventured out into the Old Port and walked around. Then we stumbled onto a little cupcake boutique.
Ummm, Birthday + Cupcakes = Yes, please!!

Lola is a cupcake connoisseur!!

It was a very wonderful day-Dawn gave me one of the most amazing gifts ever and I cannot wait to share it with you...TOMORROW!!!


Jason said...

Lola's face is adorable at the cupcake shop.

Happy B-Day and we will be sharing these few days as 38 in real life and USAT life together.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Awww happy birthday!! That is my kind of celebration, too...I love a good burger, and don't even get me started on French fries :) I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

TriMOEngr said...

Happy belated birthday! I joined the 38 club in Aug. My birthday was not nearly this awesome. Yay on all the goodies.

ajh said...

A great burger and cupcakes = a great day!

Colleen said...

Wow... sounds like the PERFECT birthday! :) We have five guys around here. They've been open for about 2 years and they are ALWAYS packed!

Lola is such a ham! What a cutie!

Suz and Allan said...

Five Guys is amazing! We both love it. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a perfect day!

Jamie said...

I had me some 5 guys for lunch today. Definitely orgasmic. The fry portion could kill a man, but it is OH SO GOOD.

Happy 38th!!!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

I have wanted to check out five guys for a while, looks good! You and Lola are so dang cute!

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh crap! PS! happy birthday

Missy said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. Burgers and cupcakes is why I race. :-)
Happy birthday.

Rene' said...

just seeing that picture of your burger makes me want one. I probably should get one before I start my food diary on the 1st:)

Katie said...

sounds like an awesome day. happy birthday!