Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Thing One:

Perfect timing for Halloween.
Yesterday I got to welcome the Little Green Monster to my home

Say Hello to my little friend-the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

 I know we will be bonding a lot over the long fall, winter and spring days when the Maine weather is not kind enough to let me outside to ride.
I am super excited to welcome the Little Green Monster to the family-this is a nice little upgrade from me (my previous trainer was a magnetic)

The trainer came with a Kendra KK Trainer tire and a Spinervals DVD too so BONUS!!

As much as I am dreading taking my bike inside for the winter, I am actually a little exited to have this new trainer! I am getting the pain cave ready (as mentioned in THIS post) and I know those dreaded hours of intervals will be a lot more "fun" on the Kurt!! I am super excited to try out the Spinervals DVD too. 
Do you Spinerval? Which is your favorite??

I really want to try some from Sufferfest-
you gotta love a tagline like 
I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow

Thing Two:
I finally did my first "official" CrossFit session today. I have had a lot of interest in CF but the closest facility is at least 40 mins away, making it difficult to fit into my day with Lola. Luckily for me, there is now a local option for me.
I have done may WOD's on my own but it was nice to get some specific feedback on form with some of the exercises.
Today's workout was a warm up of basic skill review for today's session 

Curtis P x 5 
left lunge
right lunge
push press
the above complex is performed with out putting the bar down, the lunges are done with the bar in the racked position 
not me source

and then 
air squats x 20
AMRAP for 10 mins

Then we did 75 CrossFit sit ups (a tad different than traditional-feet together and in a "frog" position to keep the hips out of the mix to focus on using core)

I got in 10 full round and had 3 Curtis P's done when time was called. I went light with the weight today (35lbs) to be sure my form was on point. This is a little different than the traditional weight training I do so I really wanted to be sure I was using my hips to clean and keeping the elbows UP while lunging.
I loved it and can't wait for more. I think this is going to be something that is easy to incorporate into my regime.

Thing Three:

I'll leave you with some fun pictures of Lola in action

she's flexing-showing me her muscles

90% of the time this is her expression SMILES

she's a runner!!

the Mommy and her princess

doing Princess Ballet!


adena said...

Jealous of your new trainer! Very cool. Also love the pics, especially the one of you two together. so cute!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Crossfit is freaking tough!!!

I like your new trainer

Its almost worth buying a cheap wheel for the trainer, you will get annoyed putting on and off the trainer tire

I love spinervals, My favs
- Aerobuilder IV - 2 hours of zone 2 work, its not easy staying in zone 2 with that video
- Have Mercy - 2 hours of different intervals
- Total Time Trial - 90 mins of time trial work, I am STILL havent made it all the way to the end of the workout exactly as coach troy wants me to do it
- Hillacious Hills - dont waste your money on it

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I saw one of those the other day and had no idea what it was. Another girl and I thought maybe it was an ab workout thing and tried using it all kinds of ways. Never would have guessed what it really was! Thanks for shedding some light on it !

BabyWilt said...

Love the trainer and the smiling princesses :-)

Katie said...

so shiny! wow!

Beth said...

I need a new trainer! I have never tried spinnervals so I will be interested in hearing how you like them.

Stephanie Anne said...

I have the Kurt Kinetic trainer and love it. Am I supposed to be using an indoor tire?? I didnt know such a thing exhisted!

Caratunk Girl said...

OMG those Lola pictures are SO CUTE!!! She is such a sweetie.

I want to to cross fit. I have only done spinervals, but I love that quote from Sufferfest...

Anonymous said...

I’ve been alternating it with your other abs exercise and they are both fun and challenging in various methods. When I wake up within the morning, I appear at my stomach and I can see and really feel the progress I’m creating. I hope to be stronger than ever for ballet when winter break is over! Thanks for the natural high, keeps me coming back for much more!

StaceyL said...

Got my green monster on Tues...fastest trip down the basement stairs ever! Put together, bike attached....wooooohoooo!!! Loving it! Havent put the tire on yet...waiting to make sure I wont be biking outside any more this season...but, tv and dvd player on a shelf on the wall ready to go! Gonna spend the weekend getting everything else set up and ready to spend the winter down there. TM ready, green monster ready...gotta hook up the weight machines, lay out the mats and free weights and ball and all should be good! Might need to steal the mini fridge back from the kids dorm room...hahahaha....enjoy your green monster as well!

Jason said...

Nice get on the trainer. I need to get an indoor tire and a cheap wheel. Would make life so much easier.

Loving Lola.....

Jamie said...

Sweet new trainer! And after shredding a few nice tires - I've learned that trainer tires are essential too. Good call.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

OHHH i just ordered one of those too!!! mine will be there when i get back from my work trip

pretty sure cross fit would kill me

Colleen said...

Lola is so stinking cute! :)

Love the new trainer. I've heard such great things about Kinetics. Can't wait to hear how you like it. I don't use spinnervals, but my hubby will bike with me and make up interval workouts which kick my butt. Good enough for me! :)

corrin said...

I've always thought the trainer looked fun. I miss my bike in the winter (although we don't get much "winter" in Austin). You'll have to let us know what you think!