Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 1st winner is...

Well my trusty old Canon PowerShot is no longer
I got this camera as a baby shower gift from my mother in law & I was super excited since I did not have a digital camera. This camera has captured over 7,000 images in the last three years and has served us well. Moments of time frozen forever! From my pregnant belly

at 38 weeks-it would still be another 4 weeks until Lola made her debut
to the last downloaded pics of us playing Flickin' Chicken

It has been dropped countless times and kept working like a charm. Sadly, just a couple weeks ago it stopped loading pictures to my computer :( I tried getting a new USB cable but that did not fix the problem.
After a bit of research, I discovered that sometimes this just happens.
SO I broke down and ordered a new (fancier!) Canon and it should be here any day.
That being said, I do not have any new pictures to share nor do I have pictures of how the first winner of the LIKE IronCowboy was picked.

Of all the comments left on my blog and on my Facebook page, each name was written on a piece of paper and put into the "hat" (actually, it was a bag). Lola then picked-

Not Lola's hand and not that "hat" we used

wow. he is fabulous!! put me in that hat! -katie

Congrats Katie!!
Please contact me so I can get you your awesome prize!!
What did she win??
A cool water bottle from Life Fitness (it'll match her new bike too!!) and a bunch of LUNA and CLIFF bars!!

If you did not win this week, don't worry. You can still win!!

I have had a couple more amazing vendors come on board to donate prizes to get LIKES for IronCowboy's page.

Here's how you can earn entries:
  • Like IronCowboy on Facebook-leave me a comment on my blog OR let me know on Facebook.
  • Share the link to get likes for IronCowboy on Facebook. Tag me in the post or leave me a comment so I can keep track of SHARES. Each time you SHARE you earn an entry. There is NO LIMIT to how many entries you get, just let me know.
  • Spread the word on your blog, on Twitter, via email, write it on the bathroom wall...
  • All entries roll over week to week. How long will this GIVEAWAY last?? Until we reach the goals of 15,000 likes on the page OR I run out of prizes.
What is the prize for NEXT WEEK??

I'll give you a hint--it's from Triathlon Rocks.
If you read my blog then you probably have a pretty good guess as to what this prize will be!


Katie said...

I just love his cowboy hat so much! my email addy is runthisamazingday at gmail dot com. Hooray!!

Julia said...

ohhh how fun! i immediately found and liked the Iron Cowboy on FB after your last post! so inspiring. and I kept an eye out this past weekend at the vegas ragnar for him but I think his team must have been too speedy ;)


I liked IronCowboy on FB!


linked up the facebook page!

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

Thanks for following and CONGRATS...You won my giveaway!!! Email me!

Sweet and Savory by Sarah said...

I liked Iron cowboy a couple weeks ago!